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Movie Review: Megamind

Dream works animations are the creative masters behind the movie Megamind. The animation features Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, and David Cross. Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simons wrote this story which is all about a hard-won sense of identity. The movie which was directed by Tom McGrath was released on the 2nd of November in 2010.

Watching the movie a few days after it was released, I was amazed by the intriguing plot. The story is about two characters Megamind and his nemesis Metro man. After defeating Metro man, Megamind realizes the feeling is not as satisfactory as he had expected. He is not contended after getting his life’s desire, he is actually bored. This leads him to try to make his life more exciting by trying to create another enemy, Titan, a young hero still in training. This stunt only makes him more miserable (McGrath).

Like in every hero-villain movie, the story has the female star playing damsel in distress. Fey is a news reporter who follows the antics of Megamind and Metro man and eventually ends up being part of their solution.

Will Farrell plays the role of Megamind (who is blue skinned) while Brad Pitt is the voice behind the arch nemesis Metro man. The story takes off from the time the two who are coincidentally both from condemned planets reach on earth. Metro man luckily lands into the house of a wealthy family while Megamind lands into a prison yard. Metro man ends up having all the opportunities in life while Megamind is brought up by felons. Megamind is surrounded by evil and this becomes his way of life while Metro man is the perfect boy who frustrates all of Megamind’s evil plans. David Cross is the voice behind Megamind’s royal minion that is always with him.

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Their rivalry basically defines their life with Megamind being the evil villain and Metro man fighting his evil plans. These exciting events take a different course once Megamind finally accomplishes his desire to win over Metro man and rule over Metro City. His joy is very short lived and he soon gets bored. Without his rival hero, his life is meaningless. He therefore schemes to find a way to reverse the situation. The story line then introduces Roxie Richie a brilliant journalist who Megamind plans to use to meet his ambitions. Tina Fey is the voice behind this character (McGrath).

The theme of this movie is largely brought out by Megamind. Most animation movies will highlight a certain theme for the audience to ponder on. The theme that came out strongly was that our abilities, potential and decisions are what control our destinies and not life or fate. This is what Megamind’s life tells the audience.

Megamind’s action is what is most impressive in the movie. Will Ferrell exceptionally depicts his character and role in the movie as the voice behind Megamind. His role-playing is quite apt and effectively brings out the main theme. He also vividly brings out the objective of the movie. The objective is to show how people have the power to choose their destinies.

Another remarkable performance is that of the Royal Minion depicted by David Cross. The royal minion is Megamind’s only true friend whom he came with from his ill-fated home planet. They are very close and the minion has the sole responsibility of taking care of Megamind. The royal minion never disappoints Megamind in playing this protective role (McGrath).

They have a true friendship that is sprinkled with fights and confrontations like any normal relationship. The chemistry between the two friends is undeniable and obvious to the audience. The minion who is overly dramatic efficiently brings out the objective and the theme of the movie perfectly.

Brad Pitt brings out the part of Metro man quite impressively. Metro man is somewhat the other side of the same coin in comparison to Megamind. They are both facing sadness and loneliness in equal measure regardless of the fact that they are drawn from two different worlds. However, Metro man’s character shows a bit of restraint unlike that of Megamind.

However, Tina fey fails to effectively depict the character Roxie Richie. There is minimal development of this character and it does not do much with regards to bringing out the objectives and themes of the movie. The intended changes in this character cannot be said to have been achieved successfully (McGrath).

Watching the movie, I felt that the intention was to stir personal reflection. The audience is being subtly urged to take charge and change their destinies. We are encouraged to use the resources at our disposal and our personal abilities to determine our destiny. The movie tells us that we are able to decide our fate by the decisions we make in the different circumstances we face in life. Our decisions and actions determine our future. Although there are challenges, life also presents great opportunities to us and useful resources we can use to influence our future. By using our personal abilities and the available resources we can determine the life we want to lead. The theme of nurture and nature also comes out strongly in the movie (McGrath).

The movie is very authentic and exhumes a lot of originality. It is bound to stir the need for personal development among its audience. By showing the different consequences of making certain decisions in life, the movie makes the audience want to change and determine their own destiny. Regardless of my challenges, the movie made me want to reflect on my opportunities and resources. It made me want to use these to determine my life’s destiny. It instills key values in the lives of the audience. Overlooking my challenges, it made me realize that it is possible to achieve all my life desires. After watching the movie, my approach to life immediately changed and I developed a more positive perspective of things.

The cinematography used enhances the movie’s ability to evoke the emotions of the audience. The cinematography makes it possible for the audience to flow with the themes, action objectives, moods, character roles and concepts. The movie was directed brilliantly and developed in a manner that uses great cinematography features. The high quality cinematography brings out well the role plays and the action in the movie. The camera movement, color effects and lighting are amazing and this just brings to life the themes, moods and the general story being told in the movie. Any movie that achieves these important elements is always able to move the audiences.

Religious people may grapple with accepting some concepts in the movie like the need for Megamind to be an evil villain. He is not remorseful for the sins he commits and eventually we cannot quite tell whether he gets redemption. Religious matters aside, the moral of the story comes out very clearly and it is a very valuable message especially for kids who make up the most part of the audience for this movie. The message has the immense ability to prompt people to take charge and completely turn the course of their lives.

By the virtue that the main character Megamind does not bother about what is necessarily good or evil; one can argue that the movie somehow brings out how vague the morality in Hollywood is. Even after discovering how empty and meaningless his life is, he does no reflection of the root of the problem. The rest of the movie fails to delve much in to this and that is a bit worrying. By making the sympathetic character the villain and the hero less noble, the movies stands a chance of coming out as being politically incorrect (McGrath). This however does not water down the fact that the movie has one of the best moral lessons ever.


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