Legalization of Abortion

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Topic: Legalization of abortion

·         Intro:

§  Background of the discussion between prolife and prochoice sympathizers.

§  Arguments of the rivals and advocates of abortion.

·         Thesis: Legitimization of abortion develops into taking of innocent lives and violation of human rights to essence.

·         Argument #1: Abortion is violation of human rights.

§  Abortion is murder. Every person has right to life, which is violated during abortion.

·         Counter Argument

§  Women have a right to choose whether to carry the pregnancy to term

·         Argument #2: A woman should not be forced to carry the pregnancy.

§  Abort pregnancy resulting from unpleasant circumstances.

§  Women unable to provide for the child should not conceive.

·         Counter Argument

§  There are better choices other than abortion including adoption.

·         Conclusion: Abortion cannot be legitimized, as there are better choices including. Abortion is a violation of human rights.



22 January 1973 is stamped in the books of history as the day women made a huge stride send in connection to the privileges of women. United States Supreme Court delivered a ruling concerning all cases of abortion from then on.  The court established that constitutional rights are wide enough to incorporate women’s decisions concerning pregnancy termination.  The decision gave women’s channel within their regenerative decisions: They were no longer to be constrained to be lesser citizens, single mothers, homemakers, or mothers living below their means because of pregnancy (Serendip 1).

Violation of rights

Then again, a significant number of folks have considered if the ruling was really a step ahead. Abortion prolife supports recognize the 1973 Supreme Court ruling as not only wrong but altogether damaging. Countless fetuses are aborted each year by virtue of legalized fetus removal (Gow 1). Mother Teresa once contended, The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself” (Kumar 173). Authorization of abortion ends up as violation of the unborn rights. A child person has a right to existence and in this manner being little, lacks the capacity to shield itself and should not be killed in order to make the mother happy. 


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On the other hand, abortion prochoice supports have a different assumption in connection to human rights. Legitimization of abortion is not essentially violation of human rights. Often, women settle on choices to abort due to a number of factors surrounding the pregnancy. Case in point, many kids are dying all over the world because of lack of healthy sustenance and absence of fundamentals necessary for proper healthcare.  It is unethical for a woman to have a child if she cannot provide even the fundamental necessities. Along these lines, it could be preferable not to have the child as opposed to have him/her just to be subjected to suffering. Additionally, forcing a woman to subject herself to diseases constitutes to violation of her rights. A woman ought to be permitted to accommodate and sustain within her body (Merrill 1).

Unwanted pregnancy

            Frequently, abortion supports content that pregnancy is created by assault, incest among other appalling situations. In such scenarios, the woman should not be forced to carry the pregnancy to term, as she is a victim (Lowen 1). In addition, a woman can get pregnant accidentally whilst lacking the ability to furnish the child’s needs.  Case in point, if a rationally temperamental woman is permitted to carry pregnancy to term, she might bear a baby that she cannot take care of. Abortion is the best option in such circumstances.

            Those against abortion have a different option concerning unwanted pregnancies.  Undoubtedly, there are circumstances in which one may end up being pregnant but lack the ability to provide the child’s needs. The argument of prochoice is valid in connection to having a child one cannot take care of. Yet, this does not warrant violation of the child’s rights.  Abortion is murder because fetuses are living things and killing is wrong. Yet a considerable number of families are searching for children to adopt, in this manner if a youngster is unwanted, he/she ought to be born but given up for adoption(188).
















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