No-Plagiarism Guarantee

The need for a No-plagiarism guarantee

guaranteeIt is imperative to give customers a no-plagiarism guarantee as this makes sure that in the event that a custom writing service writes custom papers, the customers can request for a plagiarism report. The plagiarism report is supposed to confirm the paper’s originality and authenticity.

A No plagiarism guarantee also makes sure that incase there is plagiarism detected on your custom paper,the said custom writing service is liable to refund you an amount equivalent to the proportion of plagiarism detected in your custom paper.

At,we guarantee our customers of plagiarism free custom papers,although this is restricted to specific sources and databases that are open in the internet.

Though we guarantee to give plagiarism free materials at custom writing service, we advise our customers to request for a plagiarism report from is a plagiarism service acknowledged for giving excellent plagiarism checking services. At custom writing service,we appreciate the feedback you give us upon consulting with

Understanding what is plagiarism

Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of another author’s academic or non-academic work without acknowledging that the works are not originally yours, or without giving credit to the author of the work.

When writing research assignments such as dissertations, term papers, research papers, essays and thesis, both academic and non-academic, it is very easy to fall into the temptation of plagiarism. At, we advise that you avoid plagiarism at all cost; it is an academic crime that has grave consequences.

Where to avoid plagiarism

It is important that you acknowledge the use of another person’s work in the following instances:

  • When you use another person’s opinion, theory or idea
  • When you use pieces of information that is not common knowledge such as statistics, drawings, graphs and facts
How to avoid plagiarism

The following are helpful tools that we employ at custom writing service to make sure we present non-plagiarized work:

  1. Use of paraphrase
  2. Paraphrase means that you read to understand an idea, and then use your own words to write what you have understood; you should not use the original words and phrases. It is however important to note that there is an unacceptable paraphrase and acceptable paraphrase

    Unacceptable paraphrase implies that

    • The writer just changes the words order of the original sentence or just a few words
    • The writer fails to acknowledge the source of his/her work (facts and ideas) through referencing and citation

    Acceptable paraphrase implies that

    • The writer uses his/her  own words to deliver the desired  information
    • The writer uses the exact words of the author but references i.e. he/she acknowledges that that is not his/her original work.
  3. Checking your paraphrase
  4. Experts at custom writing service make sure that the information written is accurate, and that they have not used the words and phrases originally used by the author.

  5. Use of quotation marks

Quotation marks symbolize that you acknowledge that the facts and ideas stated are not originally yours.

At, we have hired a team of experts who are qualified and experienced to write non-plagiarized custom papers within the deadline. Giving our customers the best of services is the fuel behind our hard work.
We appreciate you for making us your custom writing service of choice!!!

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