Writing The Methodology Chapter Of a Research Paper

Research Paper

One can argue that the methodology chapter is the most important chapter in research paper writing. Why is this so? The methodology chapter is a demonstration of how data was collected and analyzed to give the results indicated. It is also in the methodology chapter that you justify the sample and sample size used for your research why a specific method was the most suitable for collecting and analyzing data among others. Note however that without other sections of the research the assignment is incomplete.
How do you write the methodology chapter?
Begin the chapter by reintroducing your thesis statement or the research questions on which your research paper writing is pegged.
Emphasize the significance of the research question you are handing and state the meanings of new terms to give your reader a better understanding of your subject. In addition, observe to include a basic model of ideas, issues, and interaction of factors.
Develop a context for your case justifying every choice made for both data collection method and data analysis methods. Give reasons why the choice is suitable in terms it will most likely give you the best results. To write this section effectively, divide it into the following subsections:
• Sample- state the data collected, why it was collected, and how it was collected
• Instruments- what instruments did you use for data collection and why were they the most suitable? Did they collect relevant data, and if improvised why?
• The process of data collection
• Indicate how each instrument was used in data collection and any challenges experienced.
• Significance and challenges
• State the significance of the study and any inherent limitations
• Proposed methods of data collection- Give the methods you intend to use in data collection and justify your choice. For every choice made in research paper writing, you must justify.
• Summary- Give a brief of what happened in the chapter, the significance of the research question, and what the next chapter in research paper writing will cover.