Writing the discussion:Research Paper

Research Paper

The discussion chapter in research paper writing focuses on what happens or the significance of the results obtained and the interpretation; it helps the reader understand the contribution of the research to that field of specialization.

The discussion chapter is observed as one of the most difficult chapters to write among students mainly because it involves testing the credibility of data or information collected in the previous chapters, and tests the link between the student’s research findings and the existing literature.

How to write the discussion chapter of a research paper

This chapter can be written as a research report and should follow the format stipulated below:

  • Introduction-

restate the research question, the context of study, the significance and purpose of your research assignment and the type of research conducted in order to provide practical solutions to the research questions given.

  • Summarize the study-

This is a summary of chapter three and four of the study but should not have supporting evidence. In this regard, it will have the following:

  • The overall design of researchImage 2
  • Data collection and data analysis strategies
  • The results of the study
  • The discussion

This section plays the purpose of linking the findings of your research to the works done by other researchers. It focuses on interesting or major findings of your research.

  • Implications

It shows how the research findings may affect the understanding of a given phenomenon in a specific field of specialization.

  • Recommendations

Based on the changes in perception and understanding that may arise because of the research paper discussion you present, you are required to give a way forward.

  • The conclusion

It sums up the chapter, and gives the writer an opportunity to reinstate the impression he/she would want the reader to have.

When writing this section of a research paper proves to be difficult, you can seek for assistance from your supervisor or professional writers.

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