Writing a research paper abstract:What is in a Research Paper

What is in a Research Paper

In layman’s language, an abstract can be described as the section of a research paper that is used to highlight what is in a research paper. the abstract is a summarized version of your research paper, and based on your field of specialization or the requirements of your institution, you could write a descriptive or informative abstract.

The main skill between the descriptive abstract and the informative abstract is their focus. The descriptive abstract focuses on the background, the purpose and aims, and has a particular focus. On the other hand, the informative covers the background, purpose and aim of the paper, methods, results and conclusion.

The abstract helps the reader to know what is in a research paper without necessary having to read the entire text. As such, it is paramount that you utilize summary writing skills to write an outstanding abstract.

How do you write an abstract?

The following tips will help you write an abstract effectively:
  • Read and re-read the write-up condensing every section to one or two sentences.Image 2
  • Read and re-reread the sentences you have condensed to make sure that they cover the main aspects of your research.
  • Add a little information on each of the points highlighted
  • Check the number of words used to meet the requirements, and then proofread and edit to present a flawless abstract.

Components of a good abstract

For you to communicate what is in a research paper effectively,

Write coherent and concise paragraphs that are independent

Cover important elements of the research project i.e. the background, the focus, the purpose, the results and conclusion.

Although the first section to read in a research paper is the abstract, it is advisable that you write it last. This way, you will have internalized what is in a research paper, and hence can write the summary effectively.

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