Writing a Proposal For a Qualitative Research

Writing a Proposal

As opposed to quantitative researches that focus on numbers, qualitative research focuses on values, opinions, and perceptions among others. As such, the success of qualitative research heavily depends on the integrity of the researcher, and the researcher’s research skills. Consequently, writing a proposal for qualitative research is not an easy task. Below are important steps that will help you write a winning proposal for qualitative research.

Understand the purpose of the proposal

To communicate the plan of research to others and acts as your action plan. Where you need funding, it is a contract between you and the donors.

Understand the basic assumptions of qualitative research

Reality is complex and subjective, research is a process of interpreting, it is within a natural setting that you get the best rest.

Understand the concerns you must address

Through writing a proposal, you should state the significance of your research, the credibility of the research design, and if it is achievable, and prove your capability in undertaking the research.

Understand the format of a research proposal

Just like any other assignment, you must follow the recommended structure and format when writing a proposal. the proposal should have the following sections;

  • Introduction- state the topic, significance of the study, objectives/research questions, and thesis statement
  • Literature review- demonstrate literature related to your study; only use relevant sources
  • Methodology and design- have the most suitable methods for data collection and analysis, show the rationale and credibility for your choice and ethical considerations.
  • Dissemination and timeline- show when you expect to execute every step of the project and how you will execute.
  • Budget- it is advisable to give an allowance for your research project, but when writing a proposal, do not give an exaggerated figure especially to your sponsors.
  • Bibliography and appendices -Write or attached the sources used.

NB- You must use the recommended format.