Writing a Grant Proposal: Goals and Objectives

Writing a Grant Proposal

Goals and objectives play a significant role when writing a grant proposal because to some extent they guide the project. The grant proposal should state the expected results of the project, and its benefits to society.

When conceptualizing this section of a grant proposal, invest time in developing and writing strong goals and objectives. Strong goals and objectives make it easy to implement and evaluate the project. Therefore, you should make sure that you write them in both general terms and measurable terms. Applying critical thinking skills plays a significant role in writing this section of a grant proposal.

Understanding goals and objectives

Goals are abstract and border on conditions or intentions you intend to achieve in the future. In this regard, they are not easily measurable. On the other hand, objectives are measurable, specific statements and well-defined ideas; these are steps that will be taken in order to achieve certain set goals. Objectives play a significant role when evaluating the progress of a project.

Qualities of good objectives

When writing a grant proposal, make sure that your objectives bear the following characteristics:

It should state:

ü  The focus of the project.

ü  How you want the target to change.

ü  The conditions necessary for change.

ü  The change expected by a specific timeline.

It should be:

ü  Based on actions

ü  Specific

ü  Achievable by a specific time

ü  Measurable

ü  Realistic

When writing a grant proposal, understand the following objectives and goals:

  • Goals help the evaluator understand the change that the project intends to achieve.
  • Objectives help bring the change or solve the problem.
  • There is a difference between methods and objectives.
  • Ascertain that your objectives are achievable especially if they refer to quantity.