Writing a Capstone Project

 Capstone Project

Capstone project writing is in most cases the final project that students must complete successfully in order to qualify for graduation. An extended research assignment is intended to integrate all the aspects of academic study and writing. It is also important to appreciate that not all institutions and fields have the capstone project as a requirement to successful completion of a course.

The purpose of a capstone project

    • To demonstrate students research skills and interests
    • To sharpen leadership and organizational skills among students

  • To demonstrate an in-depth understanding of a specific topic among students

Components of a good capstone project

An acceptable capstone project should have the following:

  • Fact-based evidence to support arguments raised
  • A depth in evaluation and analysis, whether qualitative or quantitative
  • A substantial length

Choosing a topic for the capstone project

Capstone projects

involve extensive research and writing. as such you must choose your topic carefully. The following are guidelines on selecting a topic.

  • Choose based on your interest
  • Select a topic whose sources are available
  • Select a topic with a scope you can cover within the time given

The length of a capstone project

Because of the nature and length of the capstone project, students are required to exercise extensive researches and writing. as such, 25 to 30 pages double-spaced would be an acceptable length

The format of a capstone project

The capstone project has a format that should be followed strictly. The format should reflect the following:

  • The title page- has the writer’s name, institution, and submission date
  • The abstract summary of the project
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction- introduces the problem, states the significance of the study, and gives background information.
  • Methods- how was data collected and analyzed
  • Results-states what was learned in the project
  • Conclusion- an interpretation of the results
  • Bibliography- list of references used