Writer’s Block And Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

Writer’s block is the inability of a researcher or writer to write on a particular subject or topic temporarily. Reasons such as failure to understand the requirements of writing a research paper, or procrastination are some of the causes of writer’s block. In this article are some of the ways writer’s block manifests and how to overcome it.

1)     You are blank

Literally, you are blank as you have no idea of what to write in the research papers, and the little you write you erase because you are not sure you are headed in the right direction. The easiest way to get out of this quagmire is to get your mind out of the research assignment and focus on something different, maybe watch a movie, write fiction, etc

2)     You have the skeleton but do not know how to fill in the flesh

An outline is the skeleton of a research paper. When writing a research paper, an outline is important in that it gives the writer a guideline on how to organize information logically.  In most cases, you will get stuck at the skeleton because the outline has some errors, or you do not understand why you should continue. To overcome this, veering off from the road gives you an opportunity to unwind, digest what you have and what you ought to present.

3)     Can’t settle on a specific idea

You have so many ideas you think can help you in writing a research paper excellently, that you do not know the best. To overcome this, understand the requirements of your research assignment, the relevance and feasibility, and the availability of resource materials that would contribute to the successful completion of your assignment. You will be surprised at how some topics turn out to be unsuitable for that specific research after thorough scrutiny.