Woman and Gender Studies Sample Paper on White Privileges

White Privileges

            Skin color in America has always been an issue. Skin color determines the privileges that one enjoys in all aspect of life. Children in schools receive favors from teachers or even chances to engage in certain activities based on their color. The issue of skin color especially in relation to white women has persisted for so long within the society to an extent where it has become the norm. Judging actions of a person of color is easy because their characteristics are defined. In other words, the blacks are confined in a state that limits them from just living life impulsively like the whites (Cooks et al. 277). The white women have been great beneficiaries of this fact at the expense of the colored people.

            Some of the advantages that the white people enjoy today are embedded in their subconscious. White women have the freedom to buy, move, speak, or live within any neighborhood without despair and this has become the norm within the society (Rothenberg 177). The white women occupy almost the same position with their male counterparts within the society. Their skin color gives them the privilege to voice their ideas without being accused of poor mannerism and disrespect. In addition, the white women have some acquired power that gives them control over the colored people something that makes them appear oppressing. Just as it is with men, some of these privileges for white women go unnoticed on their part because his is the way they have been taught to operate normally. Generally, white women benefit from these acquired assets right from birth to their old age thus making their lives more comfortable than those of colored people.

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