What is the common argument in both Pollen’s and Steingraber’s essays? English Critical Thinking Essay

“What is the common argument in both Pollen’s and Steingraber’s essays?”

            There are certain devastating effects of industrial farming, which produces most of the food that is consumed in the US. With the mechanization of agriculture and proliferation of large agribusiness and commodity trading firms such as Bunge Group, Cargill International, and Noble Group, the systems used to produce food, such as meat, for our society have been largely concentrated in industrial farms. Industrial farms, which are highly specialized in their production, have played a key role in meeting the steep demand for food in the international market as a result of large demographic populations such as those in China, India, USA, and Indonesia. The rapid growth of a burgeoning middle class in the emerging markets has fuelled the demand for commodity products such as meat, due to changing lifestyles and improved consumer tastes and preferences. Cows in the industrial firms are fed with highly concentrated feed and supplements in order to ensure they are weaned and fattened within a very short time for sale into the market. They are fed with concentrated rations of corn feed and supplements such as antibiotics and vitamins. This has led to food poisoning in human ecological system as a result of compromised food safety and quality.

Human beings are faced with diminishing health conditions and diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and liver failure. There have been cases of food poisoning which have led to massive product recalls from the supermarket shelves and hefty fines imposed on food processing firms. Mad Cow Disease affected the health of the populations living in Europe, which had a devastating consequence. The cows fed on concentrated feeds have devastating consequences on the environment, as they emit more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, leading to increases in global warming.