Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy

Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy

Undifferentiated marketing strategy is a strategy for growing sales that ignores the differences of market segments and attempts to appeal to every prospective customer with a basic, single line of products via mass distribution and advertising. This marketing strategy is also known as mass marketing because it simply targets masses without concerns for addressing the different desires and needs of different segments in a population. This strategy is effective when marketing products that can help most people. Usually, advertisers combine different ads around one slogan or theme to make a product more familiar to consumers.

How undifferentiated marketing strategy works

Undifferentiated marketing entails treating all potential buyers or buyers the same or as a single, homogeneous group. Instead of coming up with different strategies of marketing to different segments in a society or different products that appeal to different groups, this marketing strategy tries to reach out to all prospects using a single strategy. This way, all segments in a population are treated the same by this strategy. It also uses a single approach with an aim of appealing to more people.

Who can use this marketing strategy?

This strategy is ideal for marketers of products that can appeal to almost every prospect. This is because with this marketing, the differences of the market segments are ignored. Only one service or product is offered to a larger market. The idea behind this marketing approach is to reach out to more consumers by all means without considering specific goals. This strategy has been used by numerous companies to market their products globally. For instance, Henry Ford used this marketing strategy after introducing Ford Automobile. This was a single automobile model with a single color. It has now grown to become a major brand with vehicles that come with different colors following the segmentation of trucks and cars later to suit different markets globally.

Why use this marketing strategy

There are numerous benefits that come with this marketing strategy which are the major reasons why companies or businesses use it. With undifferentiated marketing, companies do not have to conduct research on the tastes of consumers like with other forms of marketing. This marketing requires the marketer to understand the largest segment of the population possible on the basic level in order to realize mass appeal. Additionally, this marketing approach allows a business to appeal to more audiences. This is not the case with differentiated or concentrated marketing.

What are the drawbacks of undifferentiated marketing strategy?

The major drawback of this marketing strategy is the assumption that all people are the same. This marketing approach makes the assumption that all people have the same tastes, expectations and motivations for purchasing products. This has usually led to significant overgeneralization within the society where individuals have a tendency of having varying tastes. Consequently, this marketing approach can be ineffective or turn some groups off making it counterproductive.


Undifferentiated marketing can use different techniques.

They include:

  • Television advertising

Although television ads involve some targeting, the medium has a broad nature. For instance, a marketing agency can have a commercial grabbing the attention of audiences between 18 and 40 years.

  • Print advertising

Print adverts are capable of reaching masses when they have a general nature such as when a soft drink advert presents it as a refreshing product.

  • Billboards

Billboards target large market groups. The only targeting involved is that a person has to be in a vehicle or pass by the sign to see the advert.

  • Radio

Radio adverts are also forms of undifferentiated marketing. This is because everybody who turns the radio on must hear the advert.

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