Turkle Technogenesis

Turkle Technogenesis

Main Points Highlighted in the Reflection

  • The technology project titled Turkle is a programming software that will assist in designing of workplace project.
  • Simulations indicate the software can be upgrades for purposes of enhancing designing of workplace furniture.
  • The information, additionally can enable the software to include accessories that will help ease operations in the workplace like music.
  • The accessories will be identified via the information provided by clients and their occupation
  • The project as well will use additional information in order to come up with designs incorporating interior design of workplace.


The technology under examination is concerned with production of a software program that will aid in designing of office furniture to suit different people in terms of comfort and enhancing workplace productivity. The software was designed in a manner that whenever a client makes a request for office furniture, various details related to the client are entered and the computer comes up with aspects like design, placement, compliments and size. The information entered will include height, weight as well as body mass index. Once the information is entered into the computer, the application will give a design that enhances the client’s comfort as they work. This would in turn boost the worker’s productivity. The title of the project is Turkle.

Reflection on Turkle

Upon running the evaluation and validation of this new software, there are a couple of elements that arose, offering a better approach to the Turkle software application. One of these elements was the software could extensively be used to improve performance of the software. Then, the software would use other details that can enhance the product design. For example, it was discovered kind of occupation plays a crucial role in designing of workplace furniture. This is attributed to the fact different kinds of occupations require different kinds of postures for the workers to be comfortable. The software could use information about the occupation of clients’ to enhance design of workplace furniture for clients. For example, an accountant spends a lot of time engaged in computer work. The accountant is therefore subjected to stressful work environment. The software can be put to use to design furniture that enhances comfort of the worker while at the same time, subjecting them to work environment that is less stressful.

Another development discovered that might also play a critical role in enhancement of the software performance is inclusion of information that might lead to identification of best accessories the client can use. Accessories are identified as very effective in ensuring workers are not only comfortable but more productive. Turkle can be used for purposes of identifying the accessories a worker can include in the workplace setting. For example, simulation of the program and software identified a high profile executive could incorporate an aquarium or fireplace in the workplace. The place additionally gave descriptions of how an aquarium or fireplace can be strategically placed in an office in order to ensure it does not take any excess space. For clerks, simulation suggested inclusion of music system that could play music softly without disturbing other colleagues. Such accessories were identified as playing a crucial role in creation of workplace environment that would be pleasant for the works. It was also projected to play an important role in enhancing motivation of workers. Consequently, this leads to enhanced productivity within the workplace.

The other adaptation that can be included in the Turkle software is client information which can lead to designing of the workplace. The information can include what the client dislikes or likes, whether they enjoy external views and of they are an indoors or outdoors person. The software can use this information in order to act as an interior designer with information derives from client. Also, it could be used to come up with a couple of designs for the client to choose from. The client can also give the dimensions and size of the workplace. This can be instrumental towards ensuring the software comes up with a design that incorporates precise measurements of accessories and furniture. The design made it possible for the clients to pick the design that best fitted their budgets.

Interaction of technology and human knowledge has greatly been influenced by the need to enhance efficiency in carrying out things. Turkle is one of the technological innovations that has proven technogenesis has played a very crucial role in increasing the level of efficiency. It is quite amazing to see the manner in which computer software can be put into use in order to come up with applications that are fulfilling and which can perform the work of many professionals. However, it is also critical to note for the software to be applicable, then its design and programming need the input of professional from different aspects such as physical therapists and interior designers. This might require several resources to be employed in its designing. The resources are overshadowed as well as outweighed by benefits that Turkle software will have on workplace furniture designing, the entire workplace design and the accessories. The software as well as the ability to save a significant amount of money for different kinds of organizations.