Treatment or Prevention Programs Essay Paper Sample

Treatment or Prevention Programs

            Correctional studies is a wider concept in the criminal justice system designed to respond to various issues that are within law and order in order to ensure that people abide to various laws as may be instituted in a state. However, in various circumstances, people are known to break various laws leading to the occurrence of an offense that lead to the person being convicted due to his or her acts. However, these acts committed tend to have been caused under the influence of an illegal substance that may have been consumed by the affected persons.

            Due to this, an arm in criminal justice handles such instances, initiating various programs to rehabilitate and restore the victims back to their normal state. This is done in the correction centers where various programs are carried out rehabilitation and restoration of criminals and culprits who are known to have committed offenses.

            Crawford’s community correctional center is such a facility aimed at helping convicts to recover from their behaviors that affect the communities living around. A community corrections center is defined as a small facility where offenders who have been released from prison live (Clear et al, 2013). The center offers many programs aimed at rehabilitating and managing juvenile and adult sex offenders as well as drug offenders.

            The Crawford’s community correctional center offers rehabilitation to sex culprits especially those that are involved in luring young school going children on their way to school and home, as well as drug culprits involved in peddling cocaine within the neighborhood. The correctional center is based in a modernized private home to offer recreational facilities, private rooms and counseling as well as monitoring center to monitor the progress of culprits admitted.

Rehabilitation for drug offender program

            This program caters for all culprits ranging from juvenile offenders who forcefully lure young children both female and male, as well as adult males and females who sexually abuse other colleges in any circumstance. In this program, several approaches are made in order to help one recover from an addiction, with this consisting of medication, therapy and assessments that are critical to reporting of the institution.

            Medication involves various components of drugs that are given to the persons so as to help in the withdrawal of various symptoms with drug detoxification playing a crucial part in the whole process. The addicts are taken through a drug assisted withdrawal process to help in stabilizing the brain towards a normal functioning, and on the other side in preventing a relapse in instances where there is total damage due to excess use and consumption of cocaine and marijuana, which are the common illegal drugs used in the community.

            Apart from this, the community also offers other programs aimed at treating the behavioral aspects of the affected people as they may be inclined towards the use of these drugs. The behavioral treatment engages the culprits to change their behavior towards drug abuse with many approaches being used depending on the magnitude of damage that may be caused by these drugs. Some of the approaches used in this community correctional center include cognitive behavioral therapy and the use of incentives. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of therapy mostly used to enable culprits to recognize and avoid situations that increase their chances towards the use of drugs.

 Rehabilitation for sex offender program

            Crawford’s community correctional center offers programs aimed at helping offenders who posses characteristics of carrying out sexual acts. According to psychiatric criminologists, this is evidently seen in people with sexual thoughts (Halleck, 1971), with a high percentage of culprits having succumbed to this situation. Classifying candidates with low characteristics to moderate high characteristics and observing their attributes hence leading to an effective counseling and treatment process facilitate this.

            One of the treatment methods used at the facility to reduce deviant sexual arousal is satiation therapy. Satiation therapy uses some form of therapeutic means to reduce instances where culprits fantasize about sexual activities, hence arousing them, and thereby leading them towards committing sexual acts. This form of therapy diminishes or reduces deviant sexual arousal in both males and females, which inclines them towards committing the sexual acts.

            On the other hand, the facility also uses pharmacological intervention programs through drug prescription to reduce and help culprits manage sexual arousal that is deviant in nature. One of the medications used at the facility is the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which is prescribed to juvenile and adult sex offenders in order to reduce their libido and other deviant sexual thoughts.

            These treatment programs are used to reduce and eliminate instances of culprits carrying out such acts. They either consist of both medicinal and behavioral interventions with used to study or reduce certain patterns through a chemical means.

        Crawford’s community corrections center has a well-built environment, with a capacity of 200 visitors at an optimum operation. However, to support this, the center relies on state funds where it draws its monthly and yearly budgets to support its entire annual operations. The center is also staffed with the various personnel handling various ages and types of offender at the rehabilitation center.

            The center has various personnel in counseling psychology, sheriffs, administrative staff and well as criminal psychologist. The counseling psychologists handle various counseling matters while the sheriffs handle issues pertaining justice in instance where the offenders have been implicated in the violation of set laws and regulations of the community.

            Besides this, administrative staff handles the admission and paper work of offenders enrolled in the facility, and acts as a point of contact with other staff members concerning the progress of the offenders, management of funds, budgeting as well as other administrative tasks. On the other hand, the criminal psychologists work with the administrative staff to determine the level of indulgence of an offender, towards either sexual acts or drugs. He or she facilitates the classification of offenders as either moderate of low to help in designing classification systems.

            The programs at the facility that are administered to the two groups of sex offenders and the drug addicts are effective towards the reduction of the offender characteristics, since they have reduced the recidivism rates and the rates of re-admission to the facility by the previous offenders. The programs also elicit positive feedback from the offenders who have passed through the facility to receive help, which has positively impacted the community.

               The facility also runs on an annual budget with a sample budget included below.

Infrastructure  $US Dollars
Yearly maintenance120,000
Electricity bills36,000
Water bills34,000
Administrative staff4340,000
Counseling staff3290,000


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