Tips of Writing Proposal for Research Paper

Proposal for Research Paper

A research paper proposal is a detailed plan on the topic for your research, and how you intend to execute the project. The main purpose of a proposal for research paper is to inform your supervisor, dissertation committee or sponsors that you have a viable project and you are rightly positioned to deliver accordingly. You must conduct extensive researches for accurate presentations.

To write a proposal for research paper effectively, it is imperative that you:

    • State the significance of your research and how you will execute the research (methods of data collection and data analysis and give the rationale behind every choice made)
    • Demonstrate your capacity or ability to deliver as per the requirements set

  • Prove feasibility of your subject without necessarily having to give so much information
  • Use of the first person in a proposal denotes enthusiasm

More tips

  • Discuss with your colleagues or supervisor on experiences and expectations in a proposal
  • Strictly follow the guidelines given by the faculty or your supervisor e.g. date of submission, length, scope of study, references, formatting style etc
  • Share your ideas with people you know can help you come up with a winning proposal
  • Demonstrate how your research will contribute to the already available body of knowledge
  • Do not provide irrelevant information- do not cover a very wide scope
  • Use active voice
  • Use verbs carefully i.e. present tense to describe results and conclusions, and past tense to describe variables under investigationImage 2
  • Avoid the use of negatives, jargons, acronyms and abbreviations in the proposal for research paper
  • Do not procrastinate- procrastination results to unnecessary pressure which might result to substandard deliveries.

Although you will get advice from different quotas on how to write a proposal for research paper, it is important that you follow the instructions of your supervisor. In case of difficulties, you could request for proposal writing assistance from experts.

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