Tips of Writing a Research Paper Abstract

Research Paper Abstract

Research Paper Abstract gives the first impression on whether your paper or article is worth reading or otherwise. As such, it is paramount to utilize analysis and summary writing skills. To write an research paper abstract effectively, the following questions should guide you:

  • What was the aim or purpose of the project?
  • What did you do and what procedures did you follow
  • What were your findings?
  • What was the meaning of your findings?

As you write the abstract, always remember the following:

  • Do not repeat the title in the abstract
  • The abstract should have the capacity to stand on its ownImage 2
  • Focus on aspects that are challenged, significant results and limitations
  • The emphasis each research aspect is given in the research paper should reflect in equal measure in the abstract
  • Do not use first person or second person in the abstract especially in the methodology chapter
  • Use reporting language as opposed to commenting language in the abstract
  • Avoid use of jargon, abbreviations and acronyms in the abstract
  • Do not introduce new information or knowledge in the abstract for a research paper.
  • For future research and indexing purposes, use key words from the research paper
  • Write the abstract as soon as you complete the research paper assignment
  • Do not assume that your reader knows; what might seem obvious to you may nit be obvious to everybody
  • Utilize the abstract in evaluating if you have achieved the purpose of your research.

NB- Although not every writing require that you write an research paper abstract, some people argue that it is always important to write one. Due to the variation in requirements for different institutions and fields of study, it is advisable that you consult with your supervisor for finer details on whether you should write a research paper abstract or otherwise.

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