Sample Engineering Essay Summary on The Significance of Building Cable Cars With Respect to Huddersfield, U.K.

The Significance of Building Cable Cars with respect to Huddersfield, U.K.

Cable cars refer to transportation systems in which the mode of transport is a continuously hauled rail car held by cables. The movement of the rail car is based on the velocity designed for the cables and occurs at constant velocity throughout its journey. Traditionally, cable cars used rope cables. However, these have since been phased out due to the constant wear and tear associated with the ropes. Modern day cable cars are common in developed countries such as Italy and the US among others.

There are two types of cable cars in use today, the oldest ones being in San Francisco. The traditional cable cars run in traffic since they are manually operated while the modern cable cars, which are automatic, have their own reserved ways. Aerial cable cars on the other hand operate in highly mountainous areas and other areas where the terrain does not favor the design of straight ways.

Huddersfield is a city of immense significance in the UK. As it is believed that the continued use of conventional transportation systems such as road and rail should not be the norm. The introduction of cable cars in the city will increase the efficiency of the transport system. For instance, the city itself has a meticulous plan and investing in a cable car system will not be that expensive in terms of planning changes.

Secondly, based on the available city plans, there is sufficient space for the construction of all cable car infrastructures. In addition to this, a cable car system will favor the city immensely due to its high energy efficiency, increased potential for job creation and high commuting velocities. Although the plans for the construction of the cable cars in Huddersfield have been perfected, they are bound to face challenges in red tape and government bureaucracy.

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