The Role of Pharmacy Technician: Sample Medicine Research Paper Summary

The Role of Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy professional (Pharmaceutical specialists) work in drug store related activities under the supervision of drug specialists. Pharmaceutical specialists can work in a variety of settings ranging from doctor’s facilities, pharmaceutical makers and machine programming organizations among other places. The roles played by the specialists in their different settings also vary depending on the allocation of the overall supervisor.

The roles may include the dissemination of drugs to customers in a retail setting which cannot be done without a doctor’s authority. Some of the particular roles played by the technician may include preparing medications such as arrangement of solutions where required and taking pills off the shelf, performing telephone related activities such as answering the phone, and attending to customer related services such as through addressing consultations by the customers (Moini 10).

Besides these responsibilities, the pharmaceutical specialists are also tasked with authoritative responsibilities such as administering to and accessing client files from electronic systems. In addition to this, the technician performs any other roles that may come up on the doctor’s request (Mizner 17). In a doctor’s facility, the responsibilities for the pharmaceutical technician are more or less similar to those in the retail set up. However, in an in-patient facility, the pharmacy technician is responsible for administering drugs to patients within the facility.

While some facilities may allow the specialist to carry out drug administration, accessing the drugs from the store is the responsibility of the pharmacy technician. While the pharmacy technician was traditionally allowed only to administer drugs with relatively no negative effects, their roles are increasingly changing to include the administration of more terrific drug prescriptions. The roles of various healthcare personnel are also changing due to high demand for health related services.

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