The Project Outline

Project Outline

It is easy to dismiss the need for a project outline until one gets stuck in the middle of the project, or worse still at the beginning of the project. The outline helps put thoughts and ideas together in a logical manner. In fact, a project outline is so significant that one can use it to analyze the content of the intended project before putting it to the final copy. What then should a project outline reflect?

a)     The title

It should be captivating and should not be more than 20 words

b)     The summary of the project

It should have the significance and advantages of conducting the project, the aims and results of the project. This can be compared to an abstract in research writing or dissertation writing.

c)      Aims of the project

States what the project will achieve. The aims ought to be clear and feasible.

d)     Background

Give background information for the intended project. It will help to put the assignment in question. In addition, utilize this section to define terms that used in the project, and references.

e)      Significance of the project

State why it is important to conduct the research, and how it will add value to the topic under study

f)       Approach to the project

Give the conceptual framework and the procedure that will be used for data collection whether for qualitative or quantitative research.

g)     Plan

States when and how each step will be executed.

h)     Expected outcome

State the expected results. The results must be linked with the aims of the project.

i)       Benefits of the project

This section of the project outline describes how society will benefit from the project

j)       References

Write the list of references used to give the background of the research and in completion of the project.

When writing the project or the project outline, always follow the structure recommended and the format.