The Introduction of a Research Paper

Research Paper

The main purpose of an introduction is to give the reader an idea of what you will cover or has covered in a research paper. therefore, the introduction will have the aims and objectives of the research, the thesis statement, a research question, the methodology, and the significance of writing a paper. This article focuses on the components of the introduction for a research paper and their significance.

a)     Creating a rapport with the reader

You create a rapport with the reader by stating why the research topic is important, relevant and usefulness of the research. Nobody is interested in reading a research paper that does not promise to add value.

b)     Making generalizations

When writing a paper, you are required to state the status quo in relation to the already available knowledge, any consensus or contradiction of the already conducted studies, or a description of the research variables.

c)      Literature survey

Create a link between the previously done researches and your intended research.

d)     Getting specific

After giving the overview of state of affairs, you need to be specific on the issue that you will address. As such, you need to be specific on whether you writing a paper to build on the already available knowledge, or you feel there are gaps that need to be filled in the researches already conducted.

e)     Outlining the purpose and research question

State the purpose for your research and the research questions that will help you achieve your aims and objectives of the research.

f)       Outlining the structure of the paper

Give a highlight on the flow of your research paper. it is an easy guide to the reader.

How you write the introduction largely determines of your reader will continue with the text or otherwise. Therefore, apply skill when writing a paper introduction, and where this lacks, request for professional assistance.