The Importance of a Literature Review Writing Research Papers

Writing Research Papers

A literature review is generally defined as the collection of summarized, analyzed, and evaluated written and unwritten on a particular subject of study. The purpose of a literature review in writing research papers is as illustrated below:

  • It lays a foundation and creates a link between the intended research and past researches
  • It helps in demonstrating the relevance of a research
  • It demonstrates the rationale behind the choice made for methodology- for both data collection and data analysis.
  • It demonstrates an awareness of the already existing knowledge by the researcher.

The significance of an excellent literature review

  • A well-done literature review can be used for writing research papers– that is, when conducting a literature review, researchers identify important sources relevant for a research project, and some of the arguments presented in the review can be used as facts in the main paper.
  • The quality of a literature review ultimately determines the quality of the final paper. It is therefore important for researchers to seek assistance in conducting and writing a literature review if it proves to be difficult.
  • It helps the researcher to generate new ideas helpful in writing research papers.
  • Through being aware of the already existing information on a topic, the researcher is saved from the trouble of duplicating research. Research paper writing focuses on adding to the already existing knowledge.
  • Through conducting a literature review, the researcher identifies gaps in a certain research topic that need to be filled.
  • The researcher knows the existing statistical knowledge on a research topic and ultimately increases the researcher’s scope of knowledge on the specific topic

Based on the level of study, it is recommended that students consult with their instructors on the number of sources they should use in the literature review. The minimum number recommended for writing research papers reviews is five sources.