The Grant Proposal Checklist

Grant Proposal

It is always important to have a checklist or outline when writing a grant proposal. It helps in outlining important aspects of writing a grant proposal that can easily slip through your mind. The grant proposal checklist or the outline is also important in that it helps the writer in improving the overall quality of the proposal. While writing the proposal, it is important that you include the following in your checklist:

1)     Have you understood and followed the guidelines given in the letter?

You could have a general idea of writing a proposal, but it is a requirement that you follow specifics given by the funding organization. Failure to follow the guidelines given by a funding organization earns you an automatic disqualification.

2)     Have you followed the submission guidelines given?

While some funding organizations may prefer that you submit the grant proposal electronically, others may prefer that you submit a hard copy. In addition, others may require that you write a letter of inquiry before submission or need you to submit a solicited proposal.

3)     Have you clearly answered all questions?

Where possible, have somebody familiar with your project read your grant proposal to confirm that all questions are answered and there is no ambiguity.

4)     Is the proposal well organized?

Organizing refers to formatting, cohesiveness, and coherence, and the language used to communicate ideas. Be careful not to make simple ideas sound complex through the use of jargon and acronym.

5)     Have you addressed prevailing issues?

You will only qualify for a grant if you address prevalent issues in society. You must demonstrate an understanding of what is happening in your environment.

6)     Is your budget complete?

When writing a grant proposal, more often than not applicants present a monetary budget. This is important, but the budget should also include resources that will be contributed in kind; it boosts the credibility of the grant proposal.