The Format Of a Project Proposal

Project Proposal

A project proposal is a document whose main purpose is to persuade through:

  • To identify the project or work to be done
  • Give reasons why the project is important

Convince the reader on the capacity of the writer to do the project due to availability of resources, a proper management plan etc

Excellent proposal writing is characterized by the following

Appearance– it is inviting to the eye as it has a professional touch

It has substance– It gives the depth of the project including technical details, and has a well-organized plan of how the project will be executed. You should never engage in proposal writing that will not convince the reader you have a viable project and have the capacity to execute.

The format

  • Title page

Should have the title of the project, name of the writer (s), date and if possible a logo

  • Executive summary

It should be a brief of the project emphasizing on management and technical approach

  • Table of content

States the content of the proposal

  • Problem statement

It should have a detailed description of the problem. Proposal writing focuses on highlighting problems and showing how you can provide solutions.

  • Objectives

What do you intend to achieve at the end of the project. It should specify both qualitative and quantitative objectives.

  • Approach

The purpose of doing a project is to provide a solution. This section should show how you intend to attack the problem.

  • Managing the problem

Proposal writing is incomplete without showing a plan on how the project will be managed after conception.

  • Deliverables

What is your contribution towards the success of the project?

  • The budget

How much funds will be required to complete the project.

  • Qualification

Mention the members that will be involved in the project and their qualification. Giving a resume for each participant is advisable.