The Components of a Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal

Grant proposal is one document that you cannot afford to mess up with. It must be written following the stipulated sections, and each section must have relevant information. Below is a general guideline on the components of a grant proposal, but is bound to vary based on the requirements of a particular funding institution.

1)     The cover letter

When writing a grant proposal, it should be one page written on the letterhead for the applicant and signed by the highest official in the organization. The letter should allude to prior discussion and should show an understanding of the donor’s vision, and how the project will contribute to the accomplishment of the vision.

2)     The summary

It should be no more than three paragraphs long. It gives an outline of the grant proposal. It should have the title of the project, objectives, plan, evaluation, and budget.

3)     Introduction

While writing a grant proposal, the introduction describes the organization of the applicant and gives reasons on the suitability of the organization to carry out the proposed project. The writer needs to state the overall goals of the project, and they should be in line with the objectives of the funding institutions.

4)     Problem statement

The proposal needs to state the problem the project will be addressing and how significant the problem is to society.  To write this section effectively when writing a grant proposal, provide facts related to the problem.

5)     Goals and desired outcome

It outlines the desired or expected solutions once the project is completed. The solutions must be in line with the goals of the project.

6)     Methods

Methods in writing a grant proposal refer to the procedures that will be employed in order to actualize every objective of the project.

7)     Evaluation

Evaluation helps in determining whether specific objectives are being achieved as planned. Evaluation helps in determining whether to continue with tactics earlier employed or to change.

8)     Future funding

This section outlines the financial sustenance of the project once the grant is exhausted. When writing the proposal, highlight how you will maintain the facility and equipment for the project; demonstrate the financial continuity of the project.