Technology Sample Coursework Paper on Technology Lifecycle

Technology Lifecycle

Evolution and impact of communication technology

The evolution of communication technology has had significant changes in business. It has gone through numerous processes that have increased its efficiency in the business world. Unlike today, many people in the past used less sophisticated ways for the purpose of communication. In 150 BC a historian came up with a method for converting the Greek alphabets to numeric characters, which were later used to send coded messages (Kautonen & Karjaluto, 2008). During the 1800 BC smoke was used for the purpose of communications. This was advanced by the invention of the telegram, which was successfully used in the year 1844; later in the year 1876 the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Mobile phones were first utilized in 1973. Since then much has changed the rotary phones and dial up communications has been transformed by the portable phones and satellite communications. The use of internet has become widespread; many businesses have adopted this to enhance their communication needs.

Impacts of evolution of communication technology on business

Communication technology has significantly changed many companies, for example, Wal-Mart. It has contributed to the evolution of unique forms of communication technologies used in this organization these technologies have been enabled by the growth of the internet; this includes the use of the email, video conference and communication by use of the social networks (Kautonen & Karjaluto, 2008). Wal-mart has integrated new forms of communication technology within their practices and this has affected their long-term growth. The technologies are better positioned to enable long-term growth. Through social media, creation of new sales channels has taken place. Customers are now able to purchase products through their communication devices. It is now possible for Wal-Mart to assess the satisfaction levels of their customers.


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