Technology Essay Paper on Cultural diversification

Thesis Discussion

Part 1

Cultural diversification is a function of technological evolution since it relates to changes in human knowledge, practices and behaviors. The main argument is that cultural diversity and technological changes are closely related something that has contributed to the technological advancements in the 21st Century. This can be seen from the fact that introduction of various technologies have, in the past, contributed to the shaping and construction of various cultural aspects. In fact, technology has helped people adopt common beliefs.

Defending this thesis would require a thorough research on the various technological advancements that have been developed, followed by a serious analysis on the cultural beliefs that have arisen from the same. Technological advancement has helped shape up common beliefs in many parts of the world.

Part 2

A number of proofs can be used to support the interrelationship between technological advancement and cultural diversity. Innovations in Information Technology are one way of the proofs. It is important to note that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has had impact on the contemporary world, changing the manner in which people carry out businesses. Technology has dramatically altered the approach of people going about their social and individual lives. Today, people can either text, talk, or send electronic mails through their computers or mobile phone link with anybody almost in any corner of the globe.

This thesis will be supported by the much technological advancement that have been made, some of which have defined people think and conduct themselves. Technology has brought many benefits towards improving how people relate. The most important one comes from the fact that technology has made the world become a global village where information can easily be accessed. By this, large number of people easily adopts a common way of doing things from the same information.