Technology Essay Paper on Analysis of Rhetorical Appeals

Analysis of Rhetorical Appeals

From the article Technological Evaluation and Diversity, we must recognize the impact Kelly Kevin creates in the minds of readers and other groups of audience. As already mentioned in the article, the author uses traditional rhetorical tools of ethos, pathos, and logos to make his arguments relevant and valid. For example, the author appeals to his audience through ethical issues attached to culture, religion, and the general social life. At the highest point of technological integration, Kelly makes the readers of his article believe that there is cultural erosion and misplacement of priorities. As an ethical issue resulting from technological advancement, the argument on cultural erosion maintains high levels of credibility.

On the same note, the argument by Kelly on social relations as the major theme in human existence, and emergence of technology in areas of communication as the facilitator of human interaction and sharing of ideas is logical. Through logos, Kelly convinces his audience that cultural diversity can only be attained through transmission of values using modern channels.

Significantly, the author uses an array of examples to sway the feelings of readers. The emotional influence Kelly creates in the mind of his audience is the main source of support and critics his article receives. The supporters of Kelly’s work view the article from a relevant point of view, and tries to link with current trends in human cultural growth and practices. Even though some aspects might be irrelevant, there is still some relevance as far as cultural erosion and social degradation is concerned. Other than the supporters, Kelly’s work has given rise to other relevant studies, which criticizes the whole idea as presented by Kelly. This is because readers of Kelly’s work are motivated to search, compare, and contrast ideas within the article for various reasons as already mentioned.