Technology Case Study Paper on The Giants, the Pats, the Money, and the Tweets

The Giants, the Pats, the Money, and the Tweets

Question 1

An advertiser can use the graph provided by Bradwatch, of the activities that are taking place on Twitter about their brands, to understand the level of demand as well as the level of supply of the brands in respect to different areas or occasions. For instance, from this graph, an advertiser will be able to understand the kind of impact their advertisement on a brand, to people and also compare same scenario to its competitors, meaning the advertisers could make decisions through the results of this platform. However, the graph also shows the time the advert airs and also what times the adverts are often tweets are made about the adverts. Through this, the advertisers will be able to reduce spending on advertising on ‘off-peak’ times to save costs, that could be used to better the packaging and quality of their products. 

The information however can also help and advertisers understand the better modes of advertising commodities as well as techniques used for advertising in order to attract more clients, thanks to the creativity and channel used. Some advertisements are usually created and made poorly that do not impress or convince. This, however, will not be anything less than the product being advertised making less profits for the next accounting period, or not acquire new customers. This will not be a new outcome, since all business want to maximize on profitability. Advertisers need to focus on best modes that will enable reach their target in large numbers, for better sales and more customers. Marketing for organizations have always been be a major contribution to organization change and profitability. Understanding marketing procedures and target market, becomes a stepping stone to popularizing products and services.

Question 2

From the analysis of Brandwatch, as the advertising manager, I would explain to the boss that most tweets that were tweeted  about our products were ‘spoilt’. That is, a number of people who meant to tweet about our product, misspelt the name of our products, while others used our brand name with no intention related to the advertisement. I would be able to explain to the boss how such a situation could change the analysis of the tweets, since most tweets could be having different meanings. The boss should also know about the procedure that the Brandwatch use to analyze tweets in relation to different brands. Through explaining this, the boss will understand the need to come up with procedures that would help market the product in large areas in order for people to understand more on the quality of our products than others.

Therefore, it becomes a responsibility for the organization to ensure that it has created awareness of their products and reasons for people to know and understand the different traits of the functions and purpose of the Hyundai compares to other cars such as the Volkswagen. Creating that knowledge to people would create perhaps curiosity to try the Hyundai car to experience the level of services it offers. However, if a number of potential and willing buyers from different parts experience this, there will be higher chances of more purchasing the car and also sharing information to friends and other people of the advantages and difference of the Hyundai model. The more the car is known for and more areas that people understand the car, the higher the chances for making more sales.