Sample Essay on Technological Factors Affecting Apple

Technological Factors Affecting Apple

While Apple is and still remains one of the most reputed companies, it is currently exposed to technological factors that are affecting its performance. These factors should be addressed with immediate response in order to get the company on its feet and ensure that it continues to thrive as well as compete with its competitors.

In 2012, April, the company was placed at a disadvantage when it was forced to start investigations into Wi-Fi issues that were affecting its latest iPad Tablet. Some of these problems included slow speeds, inability to pick wireless networks and dropped connections. Some of the symptoms that were noted with the product at the time included slow-Wi-Fi speeds, intermittent connectivity and the Wi-Fi could not be seen. The company was forced to find ways of addressing these problems.

Just recently, in 2014 February, the company released Mac and Mobile operating systems in order to fix critical security flaw problem. Some of the users of the product were exposed to hackers who made attempts at intercepting their internet communication. The company in order to address this problem released iOS for iPhone 4 as well as later models, iPad 2 and fifth generation iPod touches.

Security flaw is a major challenge and it is one of the difficulties technological factors that the company has had to deal with. This is because the company’s products had the potential that made it easy for hackers to keep track of and monitor exchange of sensitive customer communication. The flaw was in the manner the OS provided important information which is known as SSL (secure sockets layer) or TLS (transport layer security). The two layers are supposed to make it possible for users of Apple products to transmit information without worrying about security issues.

Though Apple offered a solution for the technological problems, industry researchers still warned that it would be possible for hackers to find ways around the patch. This in turn led to comparisons between Microsoft and Apple software.

Apple has also experienced great challenges with its internet services. This topic has attracted attention in the press and blogs all for good reason. The war on mobile OS is still on and yet, Apple seems to be taking things slow and its own stride. MobileMe and Apple Maps are some of the services that never worked and Apple appears to be thinking internally about this. Consumers though have become more technologically advanced and they want to see results which mean the company must work on improving its internet services.

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