SWOT Analysis of Pantaloon

SWOT Analysis of Pantaloon

The retailing industry has been developing on daily basis. India is one of the largest hosts of widely acknowledged retailing companies in the world. One of the recognized retail companies in the country is Pantaloon. It is an exceptional retail company that engages together with its subsidiaries in multi-format retail businesses that include food, fashion, home improvement, furnishing solutions, electronics and merchandise. From its SWOT analysis, it is clear that Pantaloon stands out above many other retailing companies. These are factors that affect operations of a company give it a greater edge than its competitors.

The SWOT analysis of Pantaloon is one of the essential tools that the company has used to ensure that there is a clear goal for the venture and to ensure that it is clear on the factors affecting is environment of operation. To accomplish a SWOT analysis, the process entails looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. All in all, here is an easy to comprehend SWOT analysis of Pantaloon;


These are the aspects within Pantaloon retail limited that are essential for ultimate success of company’s activities. For instance, Pantaloon is the largest retailer in India covering about 70 cities and largest in terms of revenue and capitalization. The company is also known for its competitive pricing, expediency and wide variety of products. Its great human resource management and development team has made it easy to operate in the market.


Pantaloons faces competition from specialty companies hence, it is forced to come up with boundless marketing and advertising strategies. The company has to take care of high inventory turns as the products have to move quickly to during storage. Thus, to get enough shopping store space is a challenge. Despite having a great human resource management team, the company also faces a high employee turnover that costs the company a lot on salaries and wages.


There is a vast untapped market for Pantaloon to exploit as well as merge with other global retailers or focus on specific markets that guarantee good profits and revenues. Pantaloon can also enjoy an organized retail in urban rural areas in India as retail is only 4.5% of the total of Indian retail market.


Pantaloons retail limited faces sturdy competition from many unorganized retailers in India. Government policies are also not well-defined in the new markets. On the other hand, online market impacts the number of consumers visiting its shopping stores as many people want to access goods from the comfort of their homes. Evidently, the shopping culture in India is not developed and many people rely on window-shopping to learn about available products.

The chief purpose of the SWOT analysis of Pantaloon as a tactical planning tool is to easily conform to a list of relevant factors affecting the activities of the company. In addition the SWOT analysis also offer solutions to any essential questions raised on the company by consumers. Any threats that may hinder success of Pantaloon are also well addressed to evade future complications in its operations.

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