SWOT Analysis of Indian Film Industry

SWOT Analysis of Indian Film Industry

Indian film industry comes with many privileges and it is not easy to embrace them all if not set to face challenges and threats on the pathway to success. Establishing a film company does not come easy. You have to toil and moil all day and night. Regardless of whether you want to establish a small fill business or an empire, a SWOT analysis of the Indian film industry can lend a helping hand. A SWOT analysis offers an investor and opportunity to understand how the market operates and the best move to make and excel. It also helps managers, supervisors or group of employees easily comprehend a certain situation.

Brainstorming is advantageous while conducting a SWOT analysis of Indian film industry. Generally, this is a one of the oldest areas that have played great role in development and growth of the Indian economy. Thus, carefully look at the probable strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the field. On your SWOT analysis, do not only look at the relevant internal factors, but also external factors that will easily impact your film company in India. For instance, in your SWOT analysis of Indian film industry, base your focus on;

  • Strengths– These are the traits within the film industry that make it easy to lead a company whether small or large to triumph. Indian film industry as great appeal and presence in major cities in the country. There is also a higher viewership in the country due to the rich, creative and innovative content. It is easy to access film and broadcasting rights in the country. Technology innovations like online channels, web-stores and others have helped implement the growth of the sector. Low cost of production and high revenues are a great attraction into the market.
  • Weaknesses– These are the internal factors that hinder the achievement of a successful film production projects. For instance, the India film industry is highly fragmented and some companies who want to outshine its competitors via any means. For many small companies in India, lack of consistent production and distribution infrastructures has been a core challenge. It has been hard for media saturation in the lower socio-economic classes.
  • Opportunities– This area has to do with the external aspects that will make it easy to achieve company’s goals and objectives. For example, there is rapid de-regulation in the Indian film industry. Technological innovations such as multiplexes, animation and others have opened doors for new opportunities. Poor penetration of India media to rural poor parts of the society offers great opportunities to invest in the areas. Rise in viewership and advertising expense presents an opportunity to invest in the media industry.
  • Threats– These are external factors that impend success of a company and piracy is one of the issues affecting film industry. Violation of intellectual property rights has been on rise and many film companies are victims. Lack of high quality content has been on rise as many producers and project managers use quick-money routes to exploit the market. Advent of technology has ripped off good revenues from film companies as consumers can easily access material online.

The advantages of this SWOT analysis of Indian film industry involve gaining a comprehensive, but not one-sided perspective on the film business. This tool has made it easy for many entrepreneurs to make right decisions and enjoy the many opportunities the industry offers.

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