Sample Essay Homework Assignment on Special Person in my Life

Special Person in my Life

The most special person in my life is my dad. Apart from having a well-built body, dad is tall. His well-groomed beard and hair combined with light eyes give him a very handsome look. Dad is humble and gentle. He is a believer in God. He is of an Asian origin and he speaks English and Arabic languages. Being the eldest in his family, he is respected by other siblings. Other siblings seek advice from him always. His leadership traits make other siblings consult him before making decisions. I have admired dad since my childhood and I depend on him for guidance for several reasons.

Dad is determined and independent. He is moral and sociable. People like spending time around him because of his broad smile. My dad likes development more so development of the town where we live and his ideas are always brilliant. To me, dad is special for several things that he has done throughout my life. First, dad educated me with an aim of making as independent as he is. Being my parent, he has offered me guidance, counseling and security. Even neighbors admire dad and that is why I always want to be just like him. To him, nothing appears difficult and he provides a solution for virtually everything.

Dad attended the local school when he was a young boy. He studied up to university. In life, he wanted to become an engineer since he always had an admiration for constructions and buildings. Dad wondered how people constructed tall buildings and in school he aimed at acquiring knowledge so that he can join contractors later. For this reason, he studied very hard. He was awarded an engineering degree at the university. Dad talks about developments in most cases and he dreams of Dubai as the largest Middle East city sometime in the future.

After graduating from the University, dad worked as an engineer. He was lucky to meet a loving, beautiful woman and they got married later to start a family. Dad loves mum and he always appreciate what she does. Cooking is a hobby that mum likes very much. Dad requests her every now and then to prepare the traditional Asian dishes for us. Dad is proud of his origin. He praises mum every time she prepares traditional food.

As a family, we stay in a large house that dad has built for us. Our house is among the most beautiful structures in the town due to its shiny colors and unique design. Our house is admired by my friends and they join me and my family over the weekend. I have welcoming parents since they let me and my friends stay with us. I am always taught by my dad to respect my mother as well as other senior people. Dad spends time with my siblings, mum and I each time he arrives home from work. Being an engineer, dad learns many new things every day and these make the evening stories that he narrates to us. He always encourages me to study so that I can be an important person in the future. This is due to the fact that he engages in social maters because he heads a group of entrepreneurs in the town. Dad says that a good job is important since it enables someone to invest and secure the future.

I used to be taken to school by my dad as a little child before he could go to work. This strengthened the bond that we share. I enjoyed so much care and love from my dad. However, he also corrected me. He always punished me whenever I made mistakes. Dad always followed the proverb, “spare the rod and spoil the child”. One incident that I recall vividly was when I went out to play with friends and came back home late. My mother informed dad since she was not aware of where I was. Dad arrived home earlier that day. He was at the entrance when I got home and he said nothing to me. Instead, he caned me mercilessly. Regardless of how loud I cried, nobody could rescue me. Dad explained to me why he caned me after punishing me. From that day, I always respect dad. Before I make any decision, I consult him.

Dad is very adventurous and I learn something new from him almost every day more so what happens within our country. While sharing stories, we have fun together. I accompany dad when he goes out over the weekends to watch car rallies which are his best sport. Car rallying is a fascinating sport because bikes and cars participate in competitions. There are times when we watch this sport as a family and we usually have a lot of fun together. My role model is my dad and I always admire him. For this reason, dad is a special individual for me.

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