Sociology Research Paper on Crossing Arizona

Crossing Arizona

            “Crossing Arizona” demonstrates significant aspects of immigration sociology. Moreover, it focuses on cases of restrictions, immigration policies, struggle, and legislation in relation to the immigration from Mexico to the United States. The film highlights on the issues that cause immigration, citing neoclassical economies as a vital factor. The immigration of the people through Arizona desert is to enable them to secure employment and better living conditions. The immigrants move in the quest of balancing the demand and supply equilibrium in the United States labor market. In the film, the push and pull factors evident in relation to the immigrants, therefore, include poverty, unemployment, environmental factors, economic opportunity, and freedom. The movie also addresses the significance of having a cohesive family unit. This is evident among the women and children crossing through the Arizona desert despite its harsh conditions to reunite with their family members, especially husbands in the US. In exploring the significant political, economic, and social circumstances behind the immigration process, the film also focuses on stereotypes and prejudice that play a role in the immigration experience.

            Stereotypes and prejudice play a significant role in the immigrant experience through establishing a common platform for the implementation of human rights and immigration policies. People like Mike Wilson and Chris Simcox contribute to the development of the realities behind the aspect of illegal immigration, and the related consequences. As a native activist, Mike Wilson acts in favor of the immigrants through scattering jugs of water along the paths regularly used during the migration process. Mike is motivated by the economic factors that cause the continued immigration and suffering of the immigrants across the Arizona desert. However, Chris Simcox practices a different approach to immigration through establishing a civilian patrol group meant to guard the border using their personal weapons. Chris is motivated by the illegal concept of the immigration process and how negatively it affects the natives. The film offers an elaborate outlook on the influx of the Mexican immigrants crossing to America through Arizona, the idea behind the illegal immigration, and border security.