Sociology Essay Paper on Richland County Sheriff’S Department in Columbia, Sc


Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, South California

The goals and objectives of the Richland County Sherriff Department

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia was established in 1787 under the leadership of Joel McLemoree (Mullineaux, 2006). The main aim of the organization’s formation was to boost the security of the residents in the county. At this time, the sheriff had only one deputy. The department has grown gradually, is today headed by several deputies, and employed many workers who propagate issues on crime prevention. In addition, the department is more organized and it does not experience juridical conflicts any longer. The deputies in the department are trained. This is critical the execution of quality work.  The deputies are mandated to serving all the civil processes in line with the South Africa State law and the departmental policies (Richland County Sheriff’s Department, 2015).

The Richland County Sheriff’s department was founded on a rich and proud history of law enforcement that has existed for over 200 years. Over the years, the organizational has worked at improving the quality of life for all the people. This is done through a passion and commitment, which objectively leads to high levels of professionalism and accountability in a bid to lowering the fears of crime and fears of retaliation, by the criminal elements.

Today, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia aims at providing a holistic community approach to the declaration of the crimes in the Richland society.  This is done by embracing proactive misdemeanor prevention strategies. The strategies are responsive and aggressive enforcements to the rules of the country. The department of Sheriff’s ensures that it addresses crime as well as the fears that arise from criminal activities. For effective results, the staff collaborates with the residents from the society in addressing generative community conditions. The issues that are addressed include safety in schools, rights of the victims, illegal drug interventions, residential as well as commercial societal safety awareness and matters of aggressive law enforcements.

 The levels of crime are lowered by keeping and controlling inmates as well as working at reducing the levels of recidivism. This is done by utilizing the time that the inmate spends behind the bars. The department has in place several programs that aim at treating anger, drug addiction, as well as sexual offenders relapse prevention. This is important in lowering the chances of re-entry into the prison and reoffending. 

The commitment that the department has in serving the people of Richland has led to positive interactions among the officers and the society. The existing programs have been strengthened and new ones developed to cater for the rising needs.

The community in Richland is not left behind in the law enforcement programs. An action team in the community exists. These consist of officers who have highly specialized skills and training on the extensions of law enforcement.  The officers have the responsibility to handle any law enforcement complication by using community-based policing strategies. It is worth noting that each of the regions in Richland has its own officers. The official gathers information on the needs of the people in that particular region. This is done by the holding of meetings amongst the officers to discuss issues on their line of duty. During the meetings, long-term remedies to problems in the regions are discussed. This includes conducting home and commercial security surveys, establishing the riding zones for drug traffickers as well as other criminals.

To achieve effective results, the officials maintain a consistency and reliability of information by actively participating in the affairs of the society.  This makes them trusted, dependable advocates of the society. To ensure that it is effective in its delivery, sheriff embraces media relations to connect with the citizens. This is because Sheriff Loot appreciates that the populace forms opinions based on what they see, hear and read. This makes media relations a successful initiative in combating criminal activities.

The Bike patrol Unit centers on preventing crimes. The unit does this by effectively being approachable sources of assistance and sources for the citizens. This makes it an effective way of problem solving policing. This is because the bicycle patrols a stable tool in fighting crimes.  The unit holds community seminars to create safety awareness to the public. In such forums, the children interact with the bike officers.  This gives them an opportunity to be able to tell the officers any problem that they may be facing.

To further boost the societal interactions, the department established the mounted patrol. This would further help in combating crime reduction events, providing effective public control mechanism at particular events and societal policing philosophies. As an assisting unit, the section has four mounted horses and rider units. These are managed by the persons from the mounting unit.

 The organizational design of Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, SC

The sheriff is the principal law enforcing officer in the county.  When the office is vacant, the coroner assumes the duties of the Sheriff. The office is filled through an appointment or election. The major mandate of the Sheriff is to serve writs, orders of the circuit court and the state courts and making arrests in pursuit of the order of the writs and orders.

Moreover, the sheriff has a duty to execute the orders of the county’s administering agency. The county is allowed to establish a police department that carries the duty of ensuring law in the region. The Sheriff’s Executive Assistant is mandated to keeping the itinerary of the Sheriff. Moreover, the office is mandated to scheduling appointments and meetings as well as organizing the official correspondences of the sheriff. This is done with the collaboration of all the units with the department. Moreover, the community and the several department that make the organization help in the planning any events arising within the organization.

The employees are accrued to a pay and work-related benefits. A payroll and Benefits Assistant head this. The benefit programs aim at insuring accuracy and efficiency in the keeping of the worker’s records. Bi-weekly time sheets, payroll reports, and computations on any payroll adjustments are compiled and submitted for the department.

Assessment of Organizational Design

Mills (2007) argued that organizational design is the formal patterns in work relations whose objective is to coordinate organizational activities according to strategy, technology, and environment. Richland Sheriff’s Department has worked tirelessly to ensure that the department is effective in its functioning, a redesign of the agency’s structure is continuously embraced. This will help to serve the needs of the department’s businesses better without jeopardizing the goals and objectives of the agency.

Criminal activities are thoroughly investigated so as to provide clear evidence on type criminal’s acts, arresting the criminals, recovering of the stolen items, seizing drugs, as well as preventing sales on drugs.  Forums to speak to societal groups like schooled and business have been implemented. These are significant in fighting cases of drug abuse.

In the wake of terrorism, Richland Sheriff’s Department is working to ensure that homeland security is maintained. This targets terrorism of all forms and nature. For example, accidental emergencies as well as weather and natural disasters are catastrophes that the department aims at preventing. This are dealt at the state, federal and local levels.

Awareness on the issues of security is created in the public domain.  This aims at informing and educating the public on matters that are a threat to the world today. This goes a long way in lessening the effects of the terrorism issues that may arise in the community.

Lott (2015) stated that the department reminds the citizens of the existence of telephone frauds. This serves to inform the citizens of individual who are out to fraud and deceitfully obtain money from the innocent citizens.

The department should ensure that the Sheriff’s do not serve for long period of time. For example, Sheriff Leon Lott has been in the office for many years. The organization should implement policies that restrict the duration that one bears the office. This will give room for fresh idea and energetic blood. This will better the effectiveness in the results achieved. Holding office for many years minimizes on the chances of improvement of the quality of delivery.

The department should ensure that extend the services it offers on homeland security to cover a wider regions. This can be done by collaborating with administrations of other regions in ensuring that security is sustained. It is worth noting that terrorism is the world’s biggest threat. Nations today are faced with the challenge of organized and executed crime terrorist. It is therefore crucial that the department works at boosting the security at the domestic international levels. For effectiveness of the programs to curb terrorism, it is important that the aspects of global security are put into consideration.

A lot needs to be done on creating awareness and an education on the matters of security. This is because the natures of crime are evolving. This is due to the changing technologies that have led to new crimes such as intrusion of personal space through cyber pace. Moreover, the terrorist activities are escalating with terror groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS threatening peace world over. Chandra (2003) cited that terrorism is a global threat. The alert signs need to be brought to the attention of the populace so as to effect the fight against criminal activities.

The Richland County Sheriff’s department was established to help in crime prevention and thus boost the security of the residents if Richland County. At the time of its formation, the organization had only one sheriff. However, with time, the organization has grown and is served by several deputies. Several units characterize the department; among them the bicycle and the mounted patrol unit, which are critical at establishing relationships with the local. The department needs to matters on terrorism, not only from within but also by collaborating with other department and administration outside the county. This is because terrorism is a global threat and need to be dealt by collaboration by the systems. In addition, the sheriff term of service needs to be reviewed so that the sheriffs we not serve in the office for many years.


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