Sociology Argumentative Essay on Compassion


Dalai’s perspective of compassion and love demands that these virtues should be demonstrated without limitations geared by human settings, cultural orientation, beliefs, and opinions as it favors social co-existence (Lama 124-126) and (Religion 2). On a similar perspective, O’Connell states that compassion is a function of social responsibility (Elizabeth 6-8). The two perspectives have been used interchangeably in solving different social scenarios. For instance, during the recent Ebola outbreak, different social spheres including state’s health ministries, non-governmental organizations, and the World Health Organizations showed several concerns. The disease outbreak led to results on affected individuals, families, and governmental economic balance. Due to continued death cases as a result of the disease, it was imperative for the World Health Organization to resolve into providing pre-determined drugs to the victims.

Compassionately, this step was motivated by the fact that though it is against the generally accepted norm in global health operations to release drugs for treatment unless they have undergone and met complete laboratory testing and verification standards, a decision on whether to let people die due to the outbreak or compromise policy regulation had to be considered at length. This is because deaths from the disease outbreak caused a lot of pain and fear to members affected. The quick spread of the disease caused a lot of panic in both affected and other states that had not been affected in any way. Therefore, although cancelation of air flights and public movement (in some affected areas) from affected areas had diverse economic implications, it was also necessary to consider the health security of the citizen in the global sphere. However, due to perspectives of compassion (as drawn by Lama and O’Connell) as a tool of social responsibility, which should be applicable regardless of one’s place of origin, it was necessary that quick preventive and control measures be put in place by different states in order to contain the spread without affecting state’s economic stability.

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