Social Work and Human Services on A Multigenerational Family

A Multigenerational Family

In the study of a multigeneration family, the most important aspect to begin with during the assessment is the family perception of the event. The family is facing the difficult situation of losing their house that they have lived in for a massive two generations. Every member of the family is concerned because the event is affecting each one of them negatively. Consequently, they do not want to accept the truth of losing their house instead they blame one another. It can be argued that the family was expecting the event because the family had refinanced their home five years before the eviction notice, In an attempt to be able to settle their medical bills. It is imperative to begin with the general family perception of the event in order to assess the causes together with the magnitude of the problem with the aim of finding relevant and possible ways of assisting the family to overcome stress that is associated with the event.

The possible questions that I would ask the family would revolve around their family structure, the family strengths, as well as the general surrounding of the family. Under the family structure, I would inquire the general data of the family, the composition makeup of the family, the family ethnicity, and the family spiritual orientation. Besides, I would also ask the family about their economic status, in general, the power and the family role structures together with their lifestyle. Under family strengths, I would ask the health patterns of the family, supports, and the resources of the family, the family fundamental values, and the methods that the family has been using in solving problems in the past. From the questions, I realized that the family had very strong ties. However, the main issue is that not all the family was consulted when the decision of refinancing the family house was made.