Social Work and Human Services Essay Paper on NGOs and Hunger Problem

NGOs and Hunger Problem

The major area of focus for all NGOs is social work. Social has the main mission of alleviating hunger among the world’s population. NGOs seek to work closely with families in order to identify issues affecting them and then see on the best actions to take in order to improve the situation. These organizations work closely with social workers, who are in the ground and are well aware of what each family may lack (Pinstrup-Andersen and Peter 150). These workers then connect the families to the appropriate NGOs, from where they can get help.

With this social approach, NGOs  are in a better position to understand any community and actions  such as feeding children or the whole community are taken fast to stop the effects of hunger on the people. NGOs are given the sole responsibility of ensuring that they use their numbers, experience, and capabilities to influence main actors in the war against hunger. They are also challenged to prove their legitimacy and therefore are eager to ensure that their advocacy efforts succeed, unlike the IGOs whose legitimacies are never questioned (Pinstrup-Andersen and Peter 151)

 NGOs like Oxfam can mobile various entities to garner support for a worthy course like hunger alleviation. This is made possible partly by its level of expertise and experiences and partly because of its neutral political position hence can get support from any side of the divide. By empowering lives, NGOs have indirectly reduced rate of hunger among many people (Pinstrup-Andersen and Peter 151). Being private entities, means that office holders are kept under strict supervision and are less likely to mismanage funds provided to them from the head office for the purposes of alleviating hunger.

Response to 1st Post

The writer has good understanding of NGOs are and the differences between them and IGOs. The given examples further show the writers knowledge of the NGOs. The writer should have however paid more attention towards discussing the strengths of NGOs over IGOs. The choice words clarity are good, but should have been more detailed. NGOs are better equipped to handle hunger than the IGOs.

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