Sample Zoology Essays On Re-homing Animals

Homework Question on Re-homing Animals

  •  Reflection Questions :(this section should be at least 250 words in length total) There are two major campaigns/websites available to help potential pet owners find shelter animals to adopt, and learn more about adoption.
  • The first is the Shelter Pet Project, a joint campaign by the HSUS , Maddie’s Fund (an animal welfare organization), and The Ad Council. This was created to promote the adoption of shelter animals through a website, TV commercials, billboards, and other media outlets.
  • There is also a “Find a Pet” option on their website to help connect the public to local, adoptable animals. Please check out the links below: (more about the campaign) (see some of their ads)

1. A) Do you think this ad campaign is an effective way to promote the adoption of homeless cats and dogs in our country and make animal adoption more appealing? Why or why not?  B) Share a particular ad you enjoyed the most (note: the television ads can be viewed if you click on the picture).  Another website dedicated to finding homes for adoptable animals is This website was established to become a searchable database for potential adopters to find the perfect pet at a shelter near them. Please check out the website a bit for yourself. Try searching for a pet you would want;

2. A) Do you think Petfinder is an effective way for potential adopters to at least begin the process of finding a pet (realize they’re going to have to physically go and meet the pet in person before adopting)?  B) Would you personally try using this to find an adoptable pet in the future? Finally, please look at the website for the local humane society in town, the Champaign County Humane Society at Please search through the adoptable animals (Under the “Adoption” tab, click on “Search for Adoptable Animals”).

3. A) Did you think there were a wide variety of animals for adoption for our community? Note that shelters are only a reflection of the animals that the community who are homeless and need to be adopted – they are not a pet store that stays stocked with certain type of animals.  B) Do you think they had too many or too few animals for adoption from what you could see? Keep in mind, this is also only one shelter/rescue in our area rehoming pets for our county….there are also other rescue groups and animal control looking to rehome animals just in Champaign County alone (along with many people working to rehome their own animals personally through Facebook, Craigslist, and other methods).

4. A) Click on the “Other” category. What is the strangest animal you saw?  B) Did you expect to see these types of animals available for adoption in an animal shelter?

Homework Answer on Re-homing Animals

  • The shelter pet project

It is my belief that the Ad campaign is an effective way to promote the adoption of animals in the nation. This is because the television, radio, print, outdoor, web banners, social media, and online videos appeal to the emotions of the many people they reach besides showing the need for adoption. The ad I liked the most was that ofthe keyboard cat, an ad that symbolizes the playfulness, the love, and yet the need for care and shelter that these pets need. The photo of a cat at a keyboard plays at the emotion of the audience and makes pone want to go and adopt a pet, which makes it a good campaign tool.

  • Petfinder

It is an ideal place to start the adoption process since it does not only offer a platform via which potential adopters can adopt but also offers information about keeping pets. Potential adopters thus have all the resources they need to learn more about caring for the animals they want so that they can make an informed choice on whether to adopt or not. The website then offers detailed steps that make the adoption process easier. The resources available on this website including where to adopt from making it an ideal one-stop-shop for would-be adopters, and I personally would use it in future to find a loving pet to adopt.

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  • The Champaign County Humane Society

The society offers a wide variety of animals for adoption bearing in mind that it is not a pet store. As a shelter, the wide variety of animals on display reflects that there are more animals out there in need of shelter. Moreover, bearing in mind that there are other shelters in the area and that there are other channels for rehoming, I would say that the shelter has an adequate array of animals to choose from. I expected to see the usual rabbit, dog, and cat in the category list but did not expect to find an iguana, which to me was odd. Seeing the iguana made me realize that all animals want love and care, which is why more people should adopt.