Sample Zoology Essays On Environmentally Sustainable Veterinary Practices

Homework Question on Environmentally Sustainable Veterinary Practices

  1. List and describe 3 environmental/sustainability issues that affect the veterinary industry
  2. Question: List 3 environmentally sustainable ‘best practice’ approaches’ for the veterinary industry:
  3. List some of the environment/sustainability legislation/regulations/codes of practice that relate to the veterinary industry:
  4. From a veterinary practice, list 5 examples of environmental/sustainability policies, procedures and processes:
  5. List at least 3 of the resources used in a veterinary practice, and for each one, explain what some of the hazards and risks are associated with these resources:
  6. For the resources listed above, explain how usage is measured:
  7. Explain how ‘quality assurance’ relates to environmental sustainability:
  8. Explain what ‘supply chain procedures’ are, and briefly outline how these are related to ‘sustainability’:
  9. Explain how you think the organisational structure and working conditions might impact on the environment (either positively or negatively):

Homework Answer on Environmentally Sustainable Veterinary Practices

Question One

Environmental sustainability in the context of veterinary industry has to do with taking actions that aim at protecting the natural ecosystem. In particular, environmental sustainability puts more emphasis on supporting human life (Meyers, 2012). Energy use, water use and waste disposal all affect the veterinary industry directly or indirectly.Studies have established that there exists microbial and chemical contaminants that were not previously regarded as contaminants.

These contaminants originate from industrial and agricultural wastewater pathways and sources (Meyers, 2012). They are predominant in groundwater and untreated drinking water. Since they are released into the environment from the industrial and commercial uses, they pose a great danger to animal and human life.These contaminants have adverse effects if consumed by animals as they are the major cause of diseases. The Australian government also needs to enforce laws and regulations to ensure water treatment before discharge from industrial and agricultural use.

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Energy consumption largely affect the level of carbon footprint that supports various human activities. Therefore, minimizing the expended amount of energy in our daily activities is crucial(Meyers, 2012). In order to save energy and improve efficiency, it is economical to replace the light bulbs that consume a lot of power with efficient bulbs that consume some energy. Use tinted windows that minimize the loss of heat during winter as well as excessive heat during summer.