Sample Women’s & gender studies Paper on Slam Poetry

Learning objectives: To give the makana (gift of) “aloha” to all your peers for opportunity
to communicate, collaborate, and create in “our” very special hale ka kula (classroom).
Description of assignment: I will have a separate file in Assignment Folder labeled:
Makana ke Aloha: Gift of Aloha. You are required to contribute a gift of aloha, a virtual
gift to the class as a way of saying aloha to all your peers. There are so many possibilities
of really amazing gifts to say “aloha” an opportunity to say mahalo piha (thank you
completely) and “gift” your fellow peers. For example: Other classes have gifted funny
videos, links to great resources, jokes, recipes, video messages…the list of possibilities
and gifts are endless. Students and I have so enjoyed and appreciated each other’s:
Makana ke Aloha.

2 slam poetries about Feminism and Sexual Genders