Sample Women’s & gender studies Paper on Medicine Race & Gender

Medicine Race & Gender

Discussion post Guidelines

Each discussion post should try to stay within 300 words and will do the following:

-Share what you found to be key takeaway/s from this reading. Can you make connections to past readings, or to outside materials/events? Try to do this in no more than 3 sentences! It is useful to include a list of 1-2 key terms or concepts that you thought this reading covered. Note that you do not have to be exhaustive in this aspect – just some top ones. We will make sure we get a more comprehensive set of takeaways/terms/concepts during discussion.

-I always welcome sharing your own personal reflections and responses including emotions, etc., in response to our materials, recognizing that much of our materials can be heavy. I want us to acknowledge these aspects.

-Please include any genuine clarification questions or explanation needs in these posts, as well!! We are all about learning here and there are no “bad” or “unworthy” questions. Sometimes, I won’t have the answers, but we can work together.

-Pose at least ONE discussion question to the group. Building on the above, but prompting input and conversation from your classmates. What would you really like to hear folks weigh in on?

-Please include page numbers (where relevant) if you’re referring to specific parts of the reading so that we can easily follow along.


As you generate questions, you can use the below as guiding frames, but by no means limiting yourself:

-What new approaches or information does this text offer us? What are the implications of this?
-Is there something that might really spark conversation in this text? Something controversial? Let’s go at it!
-Can we make connections to prior class discussions and readings? What is the nature of these connections?
-Can we make connections to the present moment and current events?
-How might this reading help us advance our goals of conceptualizing and communicating greater equity and social justice in the topic addressed, and/or beyond?
-Also, if a text is rather complex/brings in a lot of new approaches/concepts, please feel free to include questions that encourage your peers to articulate these in their own words, or restate them – this is an incredibly helpful way to internalize new content!


  • Krishnan, Ogunwole and Cooper. Historical Insights on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, and Racial Disparities: Illuminating a Path Forward (PDF) Download Historical Insights on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, and Racial Disparities: Illuminating a Path Forward (PDF)[link to online versionLinks to an external site.]Annals of Internal Medicine, 5 June 2020.

Also, please find supplemental sources below

What is restorative justice?