Sample Women’s and Gender Studies Essay Summary on Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation

Due to the existence of prostitution since time immemorial, the issue of legalization of prostitution has posed significant reason for debate. In many societies, prostitution is accepted as a normal form of life, albeit discreetly. This makes the debate about legalization even more demanding. Sexual trade is commonly viewed as a vice in various societies. Moreover, the vice is only associated with women. During their engagement in the trade, the women experience many kinds of sufferings in their situations since the men who are their counterparts in their trade also treat them with disregard. The men abuse and patronize their women despite being the key beneficiaries of prostitution. Although most people believe that prostitutes ply the trade by choice, there is also the probability that most of the women do so because they are victims of human trafficking and are forced into the trade.

Through legalization of prostitution, the lives of the victims and the participants in the trade will be protected. In addition to this, the regulations in the trade would bring order in the commercial sex business. The earnings of the commercial sex workers will also be standardized through the regulations in the business. This may also reduce the stigma associated with commercial sex working (Liberator 2). While considering the prospects of pleasure and pain, most people assume that engagement in the trade translates to pleasure at all times. For the consumers, this may be true since they pay for the services in order to enjoy themselves. However, the experiences of the sex workers such as abuse, human trafficking, child labor and poverty could be the reasons behind their engagement in the vice. The experiences had during the trade may also be painful as some of the sex workers experience pain and abuse.


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