Sample Urban Studies Essay on Local Government Structure (Scottsdale, Arizona, United States) FS

Local Government Structure (Scottsdale, Arizona, United States) FS

Scottsdale Arizona is an American city that is located in the eastern part of Maricopa County, and it is adjacent to Greater Phoenix Area. The city has been among the rated most desirable communities to live in, to visit, and to do business. Its downtown is seen as the finest urban center in Arizona, with more than ninety restaurants, over three hundred and twenty retail shops and over eighty art galleries. The city has a municipal type of government headed by the Mayor who is assisted by a vice mayor in case of absence or when the mayor has a disability of any manner during his term. With the presence of the council the merge to form a government that checks, plans and administer how the city functions. The provisions and functions of the city of Scottsdale are as per the charter which is imposed by the constitution of the state.  Almost all the powers of this city are vested in the elective council which as the council. All these forms the local legislation, adopt the city’s budget, they determine policies and at the same time the city manager (Devashree, et al, pp. 28).

 The city of Scottsdale is governed by a mayor and a city council; the two heads of the city are elected to represent the whole city. The council has several duties and obligations, for example, they have the right to acquire properties for the purpose of the city The council has the duty to use the land laws when reducing the rights of private property in case of any compensation. Just like any other city, there is need to improve, extend, maintain, and facilitate the Scottsdale waters discharge from rivers, and the sewerage system. It is the responsibility of the council to appoint officers who are in charge of such projects of the city. They plan for the city’s floodways and floods, and lastly, they adopt and amend the general plan of the city (Devashree, et al, pp. 28). Apart from the mentioned duties of the council, they also have general provisions like appointing the city manager, city treasurer, city clerk, city attorney and the auditor of the Scottsdale city. All the head of departments that are elected by the council report directly to the council. The council, in turn, has the responsibility of collectively managing the affairs of the city. The officers that are appointed by the Council have the powers to appoint and need arises also remove junior employees.

In Scottsdale, The mayor of Scottsdale has the powers to attend and preside over the meetings of the council. The mayor has the power to represent and appoint members to represent the council in intergovernmental functions. With the approval of the members of the council committee, all the appointments that the mayor makes are valid. During ceremonial purposes, the mayor is recognized as the head of the city government. Lastly, the mayor has a duty of governing the city by proclamation during a riot, civil insurrection, the dangers that involve the public, and during a major disaster. Apart from the mayor, the city also has a vice mayor who is being chosen among the members of the council. The vice mayor has a duty to serve in the capacity of the council’s pleasure.  The main duty of the vice mayor is to perform the duties of the mayor when the mayor is not around or is unable. The mayor and the councilmen are entitled to a monthly salary which is not to be increased by the administrators. The newly elected mayor and the members of the council are always inducted into the office at the beginning of the first meeting of the council’s meeting (Charles, et al, pp. 300).

This city has a city manager who is the chief executive of the city government charged is the responsibility of the administrative branch. The city manager has the duty of making sure of the proper administration of the entire city affairs unless the charter of the city delegates the duty to another officer. The city manager has a duty of making sure that the provisions of all the leases, contracts, permits that are approved by the city are strictly observed. He has the duty of appointing and removing employees of the Scottsdale city; he also prepares annual budget estimates, advice the councils, supervise the purchasing that takes place in every department of the city (Charles, et al, pp. 300).

Other bodies that are responsible for governing Scottsdale plus its planning process are the city clerk whose responsibility is to keep all the official records of the council’s proceedings. There is also the position of the city treasurer who is the chief financial officer of the city council. The treasurer has the responsibility of receiving all the money that belongs to the city, after receiving the city money it his responsibility to prepare official financial and accounting records. Apart from that, there is the position of the city attorney who is the chief legal advisor to the council and all the offices of the city. The city auditor has the auditory responsibility of conducting financial and performances audit and carry out investigations concerning the finances of the city. All these bodies are responsible for making sure that the city runs its operations smoothly. The members of various city departments and commissions are appointed by the mayor with the approval of the council. These city departments receive their titles, qualifications, powers, duties and compensations from the council. It is the responsibility of council members to create a civil service board which has three qualified candidates who are to serve a six-year term. This board has the responsibility to amend and enforcing the rules for personal hearings. There is no member of the commission board who is allowed to serve for more than the six-year term (Charles, et al, pp. 300).

In conclusion, just like any other city, the city of Scottsdale also operates under a system of government known as the municipal government that consists of the mayor and the council. In the government of Scottsdale, the council has the bigger responsibility in making sure that the city’s operations are effective and efficient. The council is the one that has the mandate of appointing the city manager and the vice mayor from among the members. There are different departments within Scottsdale government depending on their functions. Among the officers appointed by the council to make sure of the city’s smooth operations are the city clerk, treasurer, the auditor plus commissions. All these planning ensures efficient running of any city Scottsdale included.

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