Sample Tourism Research Paper on Facebook as International e-Marketing Strategy of Taiwan Hotels

Article Summary: Facebook as International e-Marketing Strategy of Taiwan Hotels

Article Summary: Facebook as International e-Marketing Strategy of Taiwan Hotels

Taiwan hotels are using Facebook as their main international e-marketing strategy. International hotels need to employ a wide range of marketing strategies in order to reach out to the wider international community of travelers. Facebook provides a number of such opportunities some of which are not exploited by Taiwan international hotels. The researcher pointed out that, among the six large hotels researched, the use of different Facebook features for e-marketing varied significantly. Even though the research paper has not highlighted the main cause of this, it can be assumed that non-standardization of products plays a significant role. Unfortunately, by targeting only Chinese-speaking Facebook users, Taiwan international hotels are limiting their interactions and spread the message to the more international travelers who may be interested in their services.

The most interesting topic that the researcher has presented in this paper is the significance of social media in spreading out information to many people; this is actually the theoretical underpinning of social media marketing. Hotels can rely on customers in spreading their positive experiences thereby making them more competitive in the industry (Hsu, 2012).

In this research, Yu-Lun Hsu carried out an in-depth literature review, highlighting key aspects of e-marketing; the literature review was divided into five major aspects namely e-marketing, e-marketing to foreign markets, e-marketing to foreign markets by hotels, social networking tools, and lastly, the use of Facebook as an international e-marketing tool for hotels. The research was based on exploratory case study methodology, which was suitable for providing answers to the research questions. However, the use of four research questions gave the research a wider scope that could not be explored in just one study. To improve the quality of research, Yu-Lun Hsu could have used utmost two research questions but give in-depth study and analysis.

Discussion Questions

Q1. Discuss why international Taiwan hotels have great potentials for networking.

Q2. Name four categories of markets that can be accessed by Taiwan international hotels using Chinese language Facebook tool.

 Q3. State three regions where majority of Taiwan international foreign travellers come from.


Hsu, Y. L. (2012). Facebook as international eMarketing strategy of Taiwan hotels. International Journal of Hospitality Management31(3), 972-980.