Sample Tourism Paper On Sustainable Tourism Development

Homework Question on Sustainable Tourism Development

  1. A post may link to newspaper articles, websites, videos, photos, references to journal articles or book chapters, etc. related to sustainability and tourism and should include a brief explanation and identify the relevance to the class.
  2. Students are encouraged to follow relevant organizations online (UNWTO, Tourism Concern, sustainable etc.) to find ideas for posts and to maintain currency.”  I want 6 articles in total, one articles with around 100 words explanation.

Homework Answer on Sustainable Tourism Development

Tourism is the fastest rising industry and a key contributor of foreign currency and employment in several developing nations. In reviewing the initial five years’ execution of Agenda 21 in 1997 at its 19th Special sitting, the General Assembly pointed out the need to present more deliberation on the significance of tourism in the framework of Agenda 21.

Tourism that concentrates on natural environments is a huge and rising area of the tourism sector (Liu, 2003).While tourism can contribute positively in socio-economic growth and environmental protection, unrestrained tourism development can also lead to environmental dilapidation and the destruction of weak ecological units, hence undermining the basis of tourism.

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This article focuses on the relationship and meanings of sustainable tourism development. In addition, the article involves objective consideration carried out by anthropologists in relation to the study of tourism, as well as recycling of theories and concepts. Embracing the multi-disciplinary challenge, tourism centers on the question of in-between elements, discursive flows, movement, and exchanges of people and culture in local and global perspectives; these have become increasingly frequent over the past decades.