Sample Tourism Paper On How Transportation Hubs Attract Tourists

Homework Question on How Transportation Hubs Attract Tourists

  • How Can Transportation Hubs Attract Tourists?
  • Please use minimum 6 references that could accessible from the internet, journal article, peer reviews (include the links in references)
  • Reference Materials
  1. Bureau of Transportation Statistics
  2. Census Transportation Planning Package
  3. National Transit Database
  • Make it clear to understand and simple as possible.

Homework Answer on How Transportation Hubs Attract Tourists


Transportation hub involves activities associated with the transit of people from one mode of transport to the other. People are attracted into these facilities by various reasons.  First, the convenience created by the network improves on time and money saving initiatives. Second, diverse individuals make choices and tour the country at a lower cost. Tourism activities are boosted by these initiatives.  Local and international market attracts investors to commit finances in boosting tourism.

Thus, United States transportation hubs boost tourism by a great deal. Some of the major hubs in the United States include delta airline hubs at Atlanta Georgia and eastern airlines hubs. Other hubs in this country have emerged and led to the strengthening of economy. In the recent past, tourism in the country has improved therefore increasing revenue for the state. This paper outlines the contribution and participation of transportation hubs in United States towards tourism attraction.

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A hub is considered to be a general term used to describe different phenomenon. It is a conglomerate of different transportation systems connected together for the sole purpose of creating efficiency. There are three modes of transportation that largely attracts the establishing of a hub. They include freight, airports, and public transport. In consideration to public transport, the intermodal hubs range from bus stations, metro to railway.  Some centers are established to facilitate the conveyance of these transportation endeavors in the country as well as in the region.