Sample Tourism Paper on Contemporary Issues in the Global or Domestic Hospitality Industry

Contemporary issues in the global or domestic hospitality industry

The increased use of technology to improve the travel planning and booking process is one contemporary issue facing the hospitality business. This includes the use of interactive apps and internet platforms to make the process easier to use and more efficient. Stacey Leasca’s article “This Interactive App Will Help You Plan the Perfect Trip to Sonoma” discusses a new app built exclusively to assist travelers in planning their perfect trip to Sonoma, California.

The Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau App provides guests with Sonoma information, including wines, restaurants, and activities, to make trip planning easier. Its map feature helps users identify nearby attractions and navigate the area and its plan your vacation function lets users create a personalized itinerary (Leasca, 2023). Also, the app’s booking system connects users to local specialists who may provide them with specialized advice and help them organize their vacation. Travelers seeking unique or even off experiences can benefit from this option.

The use of technology to improve the customer experience is not limited to trip-planning apps. Many hotels and resorts now provide digital check-in and check-out, as well as control of room amenities such as lighting and temperature via mobile apps. Customers can compare hotel prices and amenities using online travel agencies such as Expedia and (Iannuzzi, 2023). However, the industry faces challenges like many small and independently owned hotels may lack the resources to develop and maintain these technologies in a competitive market.

The app shows how technology improves hospitality customer experiences. It makes it easier for travelers to plan their perfect trip to Sonoma by providing a wealth of information and connecting them with local experts. Still, companies must weigh the advantages and disadvantages and ensure that all customers can access these new technologies.



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