Sample Research Paper on A Tourist Plan for America

A Tourist Plan for America

The country of America has a lot of scenery attraction to offer in terms of tourism for both foreign and domestic tourists. Being one of the best tourist destination globally, America is ranked third best after France and the United Kingdom in terms of tourist visits. Some of its natural scenes are the beautiful coastline to the amazing mountains, the Great Plains, many national parks and numerous lakes, the Lincoln memorial, George Washington tomb and statue and the impressive view of the New York City architecture, its culture and the welcoming nature of its habitant.  However for a successful tour across the America, it is crucial to have a proper plan prior to the trip to the various destinations across the country. The Pearl Harbor National Memorial, Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii and the Lincoln Memorial are among the outstanding places to visit in America.

First, is the Pearl Harbor National Memorial on the Hawaiian isle of Oahu where the historical USS Arizona Memorial site that offers rich history of the Harbor attack by the Japanese during the second world wars in 1941 stands. Today the site is a place for quiet reflection and somber beauty, where visitors pay tribute to one of the ship that was sank on that fateful day. Starting from the visit center, where one watch the horrific film of the attack  to see how lives were lost that day  to a boat ride to view the floating memorial that was built overtop the sunken hull of Arizona and also the place where the crews of the wrecked ship were laid to rest (Rosenberg, E. S. 2003). . Inside the shrine room, the names of the men who lost their lives is well written on a marble wall. This is the place where tourists learn the disturbing effects of the war.  The second place to visit is the Lincoln memorial where the rich history of the sixteenth president of the US is well inscribed. There is a statue of Lincoln which dominates the interior (Thomas, C. A. 2002). There is an inscription behind the statue that speaks of Lincoln role in the union and also in the memorial is Lincoln inaugural speeches.

In conclusion, the two land marks offer a rich history and some of the true picture of occurrence in the USA.  Although there are numerous landmarks for the visit, Lincoln and the Perl Harbor are among the most visited place in the US. This explains the reason why most tour guide picks them in the list of place to visit by tourist. Though the occurrence in these land marks occurred many years back, the site gives some sense of humanity. Although, when planning for visit to some land marks mainly depends on the interest of the tourist and the two land mark have always been picked by most tourists making them the most famous.


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