Sample Tourism Essay Summary on The Powerful Love: The Taj Mahal

The Powerful Love: The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world because of two reasons. The first reason is the story behind the mausoleum while the second reason is the magnificence of the building. The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan with the desire to build a long lasting tomb for his dear wife Princess Arjumand of Persia (taj Mahal, 2014). The emperor’s wife had passed on in child birth and held a special place in the husband’s heart. Following her death, the emperor decided to build the mausoleum as an embodiment of what she meant to him. It is also because of the powerful love that the emperor had for his wife that he wanted to relinquish the throne for his son following the death of princess Arjumand.

The history behind the mausoleum not withstanding, the magnificence it shows can only be linked to the more than 22000 men who built it over 20 years. Although some of the beauty has sine faded off, the 20 storey building still stands tall in mgnificene. The main entrance to the tomb had originally been built with Silver which have since been stolen. This also happened to the white marble interiors and the pearls. Previous stones which had been used to build the tomb have also been caved out over time.

The Taj Mahal offers a great tourist opportunity. The architecture is immensely diverse as it cannot be linked directly to any specific cultures. It is this extraordinary architecture that gives the Taj Mahal its uniqueness, complexity and beauty.

Some arguments say the initial design was a moghul desighn while others argue that it is a mixture of Indian, Islamic and persian’ design (UCLA College, 2014).


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